The Morning After - 2007 - Scroll down for more recent reports.

14/04/07 Brighton, - The Jolly Brewer - Our first gig in front of a good crowd. It was hot gig in more than one sense as we were in the middle of the only heatwave of the year.  A promising debut indeed!

28/04/07 Rhyll, - The Dudley Arms. Why on earth I came back from Ireland for this I do not know. We were offered a recording contract by some twat who also organised the gig.  One idiot heard the firstline to "Bastard" and took us to be right wing extremists. I was asked join the conservative party but refused as they were too far left for me. Anyway, the one man riot failed to materialise but it was this gig that inspired a new tune entitled Race Riot. A long journey home made me realise these gigs are pointless so early in the bands career. 

06/05/07 Tunbridge Wells, - The Cross Keys - A Sunday night demo gig. The few punters seemed to appreciate this performance which resulted in a paying gig the following month.

07/05/07 Newhaven, - The Jolly Boatman - Sheldons local attracted a good number of immigrants from Seaford and we were very good. This set included a song we only did a few times entitled "OddSox" The music was later recorded as "You make me sick" but it has not reappeared in the set.

07/05/07 Croydon, - The Green Dragon. After the Newhaven gig we drove up to Croydon to play with two local acts whose names I've forgot. For some reason the organisers put us on last but we went down a storm. Thanks to the guys who helped us up the three flights of stairs with our gear.

28/05/07 - Croydon, - The Brief - A horrible day, it pissed down and along with the £8 admission charge contributed to the poor attendance. I think we impressed the small crowd. Eddie Tenpole asked us to learn "Swords of a thousand men" to perform with him. "Kitty Huson" were superb but I was dissapointed with the other acts.

07/06/07 - Streatham,- The Bedford Park - We did this gig (6 songs) without Sheldon who was working. We arrived very late due to poor directions.

22/06/07 Tunbridge Wells, - The Cross Keys - This was supposed to be the first in a series of gigs to promote our debut C.D. We were cursed by bad luck and the C.D. failed to be delivered for what seemed an eternity. Not many attended this gig but I was pleased to see Big Al, Wes and Nicky came up from Seaford. Our new T-Shirts were sold for the first time tonight and the gig itself went down without too much excitement.

23/06/07 - Tunbridge Wells, - The Forum. We were treading the same boards as previously trod by the likes of Green Day, Oasis and Codplay. A great venue and we went down a storm. The main act were known as "Zombie met Girl" I lost a quid as I bet myself that "The KADT" would fail to turn up. They came by train from Croydon, fair play lads, - let the train take the stain. I hated Jimmy Saville!

29/06/07 Seaford, - The Beachcomber - Sheldons birthday. I thought monsters were created, not born. I never thought so many people would come to see us, it was very busy, I'd love to say we played well but I don't think we did. Dangerous was definately pissed. More T-shirts were sold and most went home happy.

07/07/07 Newhaven, - The Jolly Boatman - The night Dangerous met Ali (aaarrrgh) A hot night meant that we split the set for a fag break. A well attended gig in Sheldons local.

28/07/07 Seaford, - The Crown - We organised this gig to promote the C.D. which failed to materialise. This coupled with a very poor attendance made me question what went wrong.

03/08/07 Eastbourne - The Royal Sovereign - This should have been a happier gig but with the C.D. only arriving this week (a month late) we were all very below par. Sheldon has started his "i'm a cunt" period. Steve had to drive over to Newhaven at 8.30 to get him. We were shit and only sold 3 C.D's

18/08/07 Seaford, - The Crown - We tried to make ammends for the previous gig here and to be quite honest it was not much better. The morale was very low, which is affecting our performance.

20/08/08 - Brighton, - The Prince Albert - I think 8 people paid to see us and Social Schism but at least we had a good laugh tonight. We tried busking outside the venue.

24/08/08 - Brighton - The Horse and Groom - A great gig but very hot under the lights. It would appear that morale is improving and with our mini tour coming up we need some good fortune.  

31/08/07 last night at the Green room in Chesterfield we played a blinder but to our dismay, a very poor attendance. Social Schism opened up to what was probably the most in the room at 30. It would seem although there were many potential puinters downstairs, they were reluctant to part with £4 entrance fee. I slept in the van whilst the others had the luxury of a travelodge hotel.

02/09/07 It was a very long journey home but the audience at Stockports Thatched House were very enthusiastic to our set. A number of T-shirts and CD's were sold but the overall financial loss for the weekend was huge. We were on top form and made a lot of friends during the weekend and our thanks to Fungal Dave (promoter) Banjo and Lisa (licencees at the Thatched House) Buddha and the Schism lads.

16/09/07 Peterborough, - The Park. Our first support slot with a "major" act, - 999 who were fantastic. We opened up and were very well received and I think we sounded good. Our 40 minute set was the album without "Seaford Town" and "Tony Bliar" Next on were Peterborough faves, - the Black Maraihs who were so good that even I parted with a tenner for their CD and T shirt. Arthur of 999 impressed us with his footie knowledge and we discovered Nick Cash previously lived in Seaford as a lad!!

28/09/07 Brighton, - The Engine Room (with 999) Stefan defied doctors orders to embark on a hectic weekend schedule. We arrived to find the venue  a wee bit smaller than expected but had a great gig in front of around 70 punters. Thanx to all the Seaford and Newhaven crew who came over. Shame the bar shut at 10pm. We were on the road heading west by 11.30

29/09/07 - Newton Abbott Race course for the 2nd West Country Bike Show. After a good drive and 5 hours sleep we opened the event around midday to three or four punters in a marquee that was almost 80 yards long. Perhaps it was too early for 1500 bikers to patronise the beer tent. The sound system was superb.

29/09/07 - Hobbits at Weston Super Mare (with 999)  Found Nick Cash roaning the streets so picked him up and took directions. "Get in the right hand lane" said Nick and I duly did so to greet oncoming traffic and bemused drivers wondering what I was doing. I managed to allow the cars to pass before turning right and parking outside the venue. "you don't drive?" I remarked to which Nick replied " No, I don't"  We played well but the gig was poorly attended with only 50 or so bodies.

30/09/07 Dawlish, - The Lansdown. Back to the reality of a small pub gig, god only knows how we found motivation but we impressed the small crowd despite being so cramped. Got drenched loading the van after the gig but drove home reasonably satisfied with our weekends gigs. Now we have a well earned rest.

13/10/07 Leicester, - The Shed. With 8 bands on the bill, soundchecking was minimal. Our set was reduced to omit Upside down, Seventeen, and Johnny Holmes. Whilst I don't think we sounded  too bad, 999 suffered with Nick far from happy as his vocals seemed to dissappear during their performance which consequently suffered. The attendance was good but we only sold 5 cd's. Highlight of my evening were "The Fighting Cocks"

02/11/07 Brighton - The London Unity

03/11/07 Brighton - The Horse and Groom

These were two of the worst gigs we ever did. The attendance barely reached double figures in each venue which are gobbing distance apart. Sheldon was a cunt, not bothering to turn until it was almost time to start our set. We really did contemplate jacking it in after this weekend.

09/11/07 Brighton - Concorde 2, - Another joke gig "supporting" Penetration. We were asked to go on at 7.20 in front of 20 people. Not surprisingly we sold just a couple of C.D's and made a loss financially.

15/11/07 Eastbourne, - The Gildridge. Our differences were sorted and we played to a resonably well patronised Thursday crowd. Sold loads of C.D's. Sent Sheldon home by bus.

16/11/07 Newhaven,- They seem to love us here, and we always sell quite a bit of merchandise. A good set and a great crowd. We were on top form.

29/11/07 Worthing, - The Grand Victorian. I used to do Karaoke here a few years back and the last Thursday of the month was always packed. What a different story tonight. Only a few bodies stayed til the end and we were a three piece due to Sheldons mystery illness.

13/12/07 Kettering, - Sawyers - I'd love to tell ya Sheldon has fully recovered, but ya don't get better from what he's got!! This is a venue everyone has to play, it was well attended and many C.D's and T's were sold. We even sold our last xxxxl size to Big Paul (cheers mate) A long journey home was made even longer by Sheldons mouth refusing to close.

15/12/07 Eastbourne, - The Royal Sovereign - Our xmas gig in Easbourne was not as good as I might have wished, obviously everyone had got their presents and our merchandise department was not too busy.

29/12/07 Seaford, - The Crown - A few Palace scum were escorted out before we started, I knew there was a strange smell tonight. However after the air was cleared we played a good set in this very small pub.

30/12/07 Peterborough , - The Park - One of our favourite venues, I had wondered why so many were watching from the side whilst we were playing, it was because it was so fucking loud! My ears were hurting afterwards. About 8 bands played tonight but we headed home after the Black Marias finished their excelent set. Happy new year punkers !!!


06/01/08 - Chiddingly, - The 6 Bells - This is another usually well attended venue that attracts bands playing blues orientated covers. The very few who braved the cold night loved us, I think it was a long time since they saw any act that actually performed like us.

02/02/08 - Eastbourne, - Mullens - A pathetic place to play, visiting the gents means making your way through the band. We sold loads of merchandise but someone hated us, complained to the management and our subsequent bookings were cancelled. In all fairness we were not on good form with Tony from Leicesters "First Wave" standing in on Bass as Stef couldn't make it.

29/02/08 - Ipswich, - The Railway - We should have been supporting "The Business" here tonight but the promoter was chased out of town the week before. A local punk covers band stood in and we asked to play with them. A tour of Ipswich Town football club meant our resident 4 year old was very happy. We pressed up a few copies of "Ipswich Town" and it was played on BBC Radio Suffolk a few times and we had an inteview with Steve Forster.

12/03/08 Eastbourne, - Bar Blue We did this gig for £30 and I can't think of any other reason why

14/03/08 Seaford,- The Crown - We've overdone this small venue and never really had a good one here which to me is a major dissapointment as I have such fond memories going back 20 years. Still managed to sell more C.D's and T's.

15/03/08 Brighton, - The Engine Rooms - "Supporting" Discharge although we never actually saw them. Tonight was a disater, Sheldon had a reaction between his medication and alcohol and fell over on stage. Stefs Bass stopped and I had a mic stand fall over on me. I can't understand why the audience loved it? No merchandise was sold as we had to get out to go to Eastbourne.

15/03/08 Eastbourne, - The Royal Sovereign - We played a blinder, it must have been the anger coming out from Brightons disaster. This is another venue that we've overdone.

27/03/08 Ipswich, - The Railway - Supporting 999 Another poorly attended gig but we played well and sold some gear. We now have a long rest as I'm off to Ireland for 7 weeks.

30/05/08 Eastbourne,- The Gildridge. Our first gig since my Irish break. I was suffering from a bad back which meant being unable to carry any of the gear! The poster said "Insane Society" featuring Max Splodge who indeed did do four songs with us although I'm not sure if anyone knew who he was. Leicesters "First Wave" were also playing with us and were excelent. A very good turn out.

31/05/08 Newhaven,- The Jolly Boatman. A very busy night in this intimate venue. "First Wave" opened up before us and then "The Warriors" We all sweated and lost weight tonight with the exception of myself who actually gained a couple of pounds.

13/06/08 Seaford,- The Beachcomber. A very dissapointing evening, considering we are in mid-summer. Despite the lower than expected attendance, we still parted company with a lot of merchandise. 

05/07/08 Brighton,- The Engine Rooms. We were opening up for Peter & the Test-Tubes and the Anti-Nowhere League. This was a very hot night in a packed venue. We rose to the occasion and played a blinder, winning over most of the audience.

12/07/08 Deal,- The Eagle. An outdoor event headlined by the Warriors. We went on first at 4pm due to my work commitments. I didn't think we sounded great but we sold out of the C.D's we brought with us. A very enjoyable day out.

18/07/08 Stoke Newington,- Ryans. This was a big mistake. Social Schism asked us to open for them. A total of 8 were watching us plus the Schism boys. Upstairs in a packed pub the clientale were enjoying a drum and bass set by a faceless D.J. playing forgettable tunes. It was a horrible journey home but at least we broke even on the night as The Schisms paid us £40. They went home by train to Southend.

19/07/08 Brighton, Hollingbury Festival. Perhaps this event should be renamed "The Hollingbury Farcical" I think we were in a school field. The sound was great in a tent but not many bodies to fill it up.

24/0708 Hastings,- The Smugglers. Without doubt, the most undesirable venue we have ever played. You would have to see it to believe it. I'm amazed it hasn't been shut down by the authorities. We had to sit around for an eternity before starting our set. A few C.D's were sold and some great photos were taken by "Chucky" these will be posted somewhere on the band photos page soon.

25/07/08 Sheerness,- The Ivy Leaf. A great venue with a good crowd present. Brainsorm opened and set a high standard. We were on next and impressed all. After us was a comedy act known as "Kunt & the Gang" follwed by a Sex Pistols tribute act. Our best merchandise night ever!. This was the last day I saw my Mum who died the next day.

08/08/08 Brighton,- The Horse & Groom. Apparently this is a lucky day for the Chinese. Well, not everything is made in China. The Olympic opening ceremony was on the box and this gig was poorly attended.

17/08/08 Eastbourne, - The Kings Arms. The only reason we did this Sunday afternoon gig was for £120 to boost our funds. Otherwise, a waste of time.

30/08/08 Eastbourne, The Royal Sovereign. Sheldon had just hasd his operation so was unable to perform. (Nicci's been telling us this for years) I had to deputise on vocals and did an adequate job.

07/09/08 London, Camden, - The Dublin Castle. We were still without Sheldon who was now recovering. A very small attendance saw us mis-matched with a band from Portsmouth/Southampton. Another pointless gig.

20/09/08 The White Swan.- Aylesbury. Having just travelled 400 or so miles from Ireland for this this gig, I was a bit tired. A nice venue not too far from the town centre. We opened for The Warriors. I didn't think we were too good tonight but a bit of merchandise was sold and a few contacts were made. After us came Citizen Keyne who we all agreed were quite superb. Great songs and well performed. We booked into a travelodge at Milton Keyens for the night and Sheldon pissed me off by arriving back late and being his usual drunk, loud self, waking me from my much needed sleep.

21/09/08 The Charlotte,- Leicester. It was an easy drive fom Milton Keynes to Leicester and we spent the afternoon with Tony of "First Wave" On arrival at the venue we discovered that we were first on. Needless to say, I wasn't happy and along with the fact I'm driving I wanted to leave as soon as possible. With only a solitary C.D. sold, today was a finnacial disaster. We eventually left at midnight as soon as the Subhumans had finished. I got home at 3.30 but Stefan missed the M25 turn off and went through central London to  arrive back in Tunbridge Wells at 6.00 Sheldon got home at 07.30. Should we have left Leicester at 8pm we would have all been in bed by midnight.

02/10/08 The Snobar,- Milton Keynes. There are several reasons for hating Milton Keynes, 1,- it has a horrible road system where you can easily get lost (as we have done, twice) 2,- They have a team in the football league and don't deserve one. (Footie historians know why) 3,- I can't think of one at the moment but I'm sure there are many other reasons. Sheldon and I arrived at ten to nine just in time for a visit to KFC and then go upstairs to the Snobar where Citizen Keyne were awaiting our support. It was a good turn out but not many were interested in two ageing punk bands. I had a great opportunity in having a dig a MK Dons.

04/10/08 The Ivy Leaf, - Sheerness. Our eagerly awaited return to this great venue. "The Last Resort" were headlining with "The Warriors" . We were on 2nd after "The Filthys" Our set was very well received and we sold a fair bit of merchandise. Thanks to everyone who contributed backing vocals on Paranoia in what was the best stage invasion yet.

16/10/08 The Beachcomber,- Seaford. I don't know why we don't pull a croud in what should be a home fixture? Maybe we were just unlucky again. I lost all my guitar sounds and had to start from scratch. An un-eventful night which we won't remember when we are drawing our pensions.

17/10/08 The Jolly Boatman,- Newhaven. In contrast to last night, this was heaven. It amazes me how popular in Newhaven we are. Special guests tonight were "All Flags Burn" from Sheerness who did a great job.

30/10/08 Sawyers,- Kettering. Sheldon briefly left the band due to ill health and Stefan had something wrong with him too. So tonight,-  "Insane Society" travelled as a two piece but were joined by Tony of "First Wave" on bass. We did 10 songs very well with myself on vocal duty. I had to have printed lyrics in front of me. Same as Karaoke, but twice as bad!

01/11/08 The Horse and Groom,- Brighton. With Sheldon still absent, we performed as a three piece to a packed house at the "Doom and Gloom" actually, I'm exagererating, there were barely 20 bodies there all night. We blamed it on Halloween/Fireworks parties or perhaps it was the X-Factor for the low turn out.

15/11/08 Ryans,- Southborough. Two bars here, one packed and one... not so! Guess where we were? The Insane 3 piece did our set not once, but twice, although we were better 1st time around. Tonight saw the debut of "Another Soldier" albeit a semi accoustic performance by myself. This song will be a highlight of our set when its fully introduced.

21/11/08 The Horse and Groom,- Brighton. Sheldon was back for tonights support slot with Splodgenessabounds. We did an hour set to a well patronised pub who enjoyed our performance. Two newer songs were introduced, - "Money man" and "You make me sick"

I don't know how to desribe Splodges set, but a Thursday night Jam session would be a fair comparison.

22/11/08 The Engine Rooms,- Brighton. Opening for "The Vibrators" we were on top form  and impressed the surprisingly youngish crowd. I had to leave to go to work early leaving the others to deal with merchandise.

28/11/08 The Gildridge,- Eastbourne. Another top notch performance. A good crowd who appeciated the hard work we put in tonight.

29/11/08 The Castle,- Sheerness. To be honest, I was dissapointed with tonights attendance. Our previous visits to the town had proved positive. Was it the weather? We were on 2nd before "The Filthys" or to name them correctly, - "The filthy stay-puft marshmellow men" - a bit of a mouthful as is Mr Felatio (the ice cream man)

14/12/08 The Shed,- Leicester. A waste of time, effort and money. This was not a support slot. We were put in a very small room downstairs with an audience of no more than twenty whilst in the main venue above, First Wave and the U.K. Subs saw a full house. This will never happen again.

23/12/08 Brighton, the Concorde. A late engagement saw us open for Max Splodge and Bad Manners. We did 30 minutes and impressed all who arrived early enough. Splodge consisted in members of Bad Manners and were very good. As for Bad Manners, they are in a different league, a class above anyone else we've ever played with.

27/12/08 Newhaven, The Jolly Boatman. Our final gig of year with our good friends from Peterborough, The Black Marias who put on a great show with some excelent new tunes. We did ok despite sound problems but shifted a good amount of merchandise.


03/01/09 Eastbourne,- The Gildridge. We started off the new year with a mini crisis, Stefan is ill again so we hastily replaced him with not one, but three bassists (Spinal Tap, eat ya heart out!) Our thanks to Martin, Gareth and Gavin who between them learned all of 27 songs in less than 3 days. We played very well to the seasonaly smallish crowd and even managed to shift a few of the new C.D.

11/01/09 London, Canning Town,- The Bridgehouse. Despite an early start (6.15), we played to a good sized crowd who seemed to enjoy our 40 minute set. Ali was kept busy with our merchandise. Other bands were,- East End Badoes, Dun to def, Red flag 77 and finally The UK Subs who were fantastic. Gavin was again on Bass and is now a fully fledged member of Insane Society following Stefan's departure.

17/01/09 Sheerness,- The Castle. A wet and windy night probably dampened the enthusiasm of a few who decided to stay in and watch "Celebrity get ya tits out on ice" but those who braved the conditions were rewarded with a 45 minute set by "The Warriors" We did an hour after they finished and hardly hit a bum note. Gavin has perfected 21 songs in a couple of weeks with only two rehersals. Thanks to all who travelled from afar as Dover, Deal and Ramsgate.

30/01/09 Hastings, - The Carlisle. You can always tell when Sheldon is pissed 'cos he wants to shake everyones hand (usually 2 or 3 times) It's hard to believe he's a freemason! Our good friends from Sheerness, Criminal Brainstorm performed a 40 minute set to open up the evening. When we started, we realised we hadn't prepared a set list but I think we remembered all the songs. The management were glad to see the back of Hannaford at closing time.

31/01/09 - The Duchess of Edinburgh, - Welling. We were supporting Max Spodge at this very small but impressive venue. I thought we wern't going down too well but after we finished an almost faultless set, we sold a lot of C.D's and 1 T-Shirt. With so many favourable comments, I can only presume they were a quiet crowd. Max had two different members since the last gig and performed a very tight set. An enjoyable night made up for Friday's slight dissapointment.

07/02/09 - The Gaff, Holloway Road, London. With Max again at this very impressive venue in North London. It didn't take too long to get there but parking was a problem. We sound checked at 6 o'clock and had to sit around for an eternity. Not as many punters as last week but we got a great response from the crowd. On the way home Sheldon offered me a fight so I stopped driving to sort him out. Once that was done without too much bloodshed (in fact none) we continued on our journey despite the Blackwall tunnel being shut. Steve suffered a further 60 minutes of punishment to Newhaven !

12/03/09 - The Carlisle, Hastings. We've had a long break since our last gig and were really looking forward to this long weekend which started with All Flags Burn opening up for 999. The Warriors followed before we did a 40 minute set. Not one of our best gigs but we fared well enough. 999 did their usual set and went down well. Only about 70 people attended which may have been dissapointing.

13/03/09 - The QE2, Bognor Regis. Just ourselves and 999 at this very intimate pub venue. We like to say thanks to those who travelled from afar to see us, namely, - Mark & Annette from Deal, Dave & Lucy from Redhill and I think it was Joe from Portsmouth. It's really nice when people come to see the support act as well as the headliners.

14/03/09 - Esquires, Bedford. I gave up the last day of the fishing season for this gig and it was a stormer. A great venue and a fantastic attendance of probably 180+ I know most came to see The Last Resort but I think we impressed all who saw us for the first time. We had a record night on merchandise thanks to our new merch man, - Geordie Rich. Also thanx to all who travelled from Milton Keynes, Leicester and Seaford. It would seem we are building a respectable following. Resistance 77 followed us and also went down well. The promoter of this gig picked two acts to superbly compliment The Last Resort and we look forward to coming here again. As a major bonus, Sheldon went home with his brother and Richie bought us a Kebab!

20/03/09 - The Horse and Groom, Brighton. This is a venue that would appear to be suffering from a rock n roll recession, a bit of an embarressment was had by all. We invited UK Vacant from Crawley as guests who played a superb set but to such a small crowd. We made a few mistakes in our full set probably due to not being able to raise our game after last weeks performance. Win some, lose some, it was a game of two halves and if the ball had gone in, that would have been a goal but we gave 110 percent out on the park, so I'm sure we will get the result we are looking for Brian.

27/03/09 -The Jolly Boatman, Newhaven. Regular readers to this page may not be surprised to hear that Hannaford was a complete arse last night. If you can remember Jimmy Pursey on "top of the pops" millions of years ago and how he fell over, you'll get the general idea of Sheldons performance. Not to mention forgetting the words on nearly half the songs, what a wanker! Despite this, we had a good turn out and our guests for this evening were "Citizen Keyne" who were outstanding.

29/05/09 - The Crown, Seaford. Our first day back at school after a lengthy break. The Crown is our spiritual home and it was good to be back. Some new faces were present to see us for the first time and a number of CD's were sold. We played fairly well considering only a poor rehearsal the day before.

Sheldon has given up drinking, and being single, is now available and on offer.  Applicants for the position should make themselves known at the first opportune moment.

Insane Society are an "equal opportunities" employer and would welcome applicants from any ethnic background,  gender or sexual orientation, although I think Mr Hannaford would prefer a woman.

30/05/09 - Dickens Bar, Rotherham. I had bad vibes about this one, cup final day and a 460 mile round drive. I wished I stayed at home. A very low turn out were there to see us and the Warriors. I shared the sound duties with Chris and we both did a good job. Thanks to John, Jab and Hutch who travelled up from Milton Keynes to see us, thus nearly doubling the attendance. We got home very late (06.30) as I had to have a couple of naps. This date was like having your head down the toilet, praying to the god of Twyfords crying, - "never again"

13/06/09 - The Bridghouse, London.  A lower than expected turn out for this event promoted by Daggers Punk featuring "The Restarts" At least this week we had the pleasure of an early return home, even if our driver did make a balls up of the M25 turn off.

19/06/09 - Dannys Bar, Bedford.  We travelled light in one car to play this smallish venue downstairs from Esquires. The First Wave lads travelled from Leicester to open up the evening. A good crowd received our set made mostly of familiar faces we've seen in the past. We played a juke box set with the audience shouting requests. Citizen Keyne were on after us and were their usual top notch performance.

27/06/09 - The Queen Charlotte, Ramsgate. The first of our weekend double header in East Kent saw us playing at our very best despite a lower than expected turnout. We did two new songs at the end, "Political Rash" and "Another Soldier" Sheldon and Steve went to Manchester on Friday and after a few weeks, Mr Hannaford started drinking again, which comes as good news because I said I'd give up wanking if he stays off the drink! I had the misfortune of having to share a bed with the afore mentined drunk. It may have been a hot night but not sticky!!

28/06/09 - The Wig n Pen, Margate. It's been along time since we did an afternoon gig. This time it was Steve and Gavin who were suffering. They stayed with Russ and Lisa (Warriors) and possibly consumed too much alcohol. This resulted in our set being a bit sloppy. We went down very well and many people parted company with their cash for our T-Shirts and CD's.

11/07/09 - Pevensey, The Smugglers The weekend started badly and got steadily worse. Our rehearsal on Thursday was ok until we found out we'd been double booked for this gig. Mr. Dangerous had told me we were to play here on Friday 11th so I posted on the pages to find out that Friday was the 10th and we were supposed to be in Ramsgate on the 11th. We opted for the Pevensey gig and had to blow out Ramsgate. Hannaford had too much to drink and put in a poor performance. I don't know how we sold any merchandise, but we went home nearly £50 better off and got offered another gig at the "Smugfest" in two weeks time.

24/07/09 - Newhaven - The Jolly Boatman. Our guests for the evening were Criminal Brainstorm from the Isle of Sheppey who played a great set incorporating some humoue into their songs (Lurex Lucy, Captain Scarlet) They were a hard act to follow and despite this being our 8th gig in two and a half years, we put on a good show. Merchandise was minimal as I've calculated we have sold 40cd's and 11 T-shirts here in the past.

25/07/09 - Pevensey - The Smugglers. A charity event to raise money for Great Ormond Street. Bonner music provided a sound system for this outdoor gig and we went on early. A good crowd of perhaps in excess of 200 but not the sort who wanted to purchase our merchandis. They were polite in applause and only the ugly ones didn't clap. Our 35 minute set opened with "Another Soldier" to allow Sheldon a popstar entrance for "Made in China"

25/07/09 - After the Pevensey gig we drove to Sheppey for our swap gig with Criminal Brainstorm. This time we went on before them and played possibly our best ever set. On the way home we congratulated ourselves on the performance. Sheldon suggested I pay him a compliment on these pages, - bollocks!

01/08/09 - Crawley - The House of Oi (Rose and Crown) We were first on the bill at 7pm supporting The Last Resort. This suited me as I was due to work in Lewes by 8.30pm. Unfortunately, it rained all afternoon and this dampened the enthusiasm of the few early punters. Despite the lack of numbers we did a good 30 minute set and parted with 12 CD's. After I left, the venue started filling, and by 9pm was packed.

14/08/09 - Gosport punkfest. It was nice to be in a new area and very few of the clientale had witnessed us before. I think we went down a storm and again did considerable business on merchandise. Steve Dangerous enjoyed the two Karaoke bands that followed us, joining in whenever they let him. We are looking forward to returning to the area soon.

15/08/09 - Ramsgate, The Queen Charlotte. The only reason we returned here is Steve wants to put his willy in Erica, the manageress of the pub. At one point there were but three punters. Needless to say we were unable to raise our game but sometime during the latter half of our set, a fair crowd had amassed. Gavin and I left by midnight leaving Dangerous (sober!) to drive Sheldon (pissed) home at 3am. I'll wager that was a long journey!!

28/08/09 - Seaford, The Crown. Back to our spiritual home. Tonight we had a very special guest in Kamikazi 64 2who entertained us with his unique brand of comical rap. Check out his videos and toons here, -

For a bank holiday weekend, the pub was not as packed as I had expected but we played reasonably well doing just about every song in our repotoir. A dissapointing merchandise departmartment failed to sell one single CD.

29/08/09 - Hove, The Portland. I didn't do this gig due to work commitments. Former bassist Stefan filled in on guitar. Insane Society were supporting Citizen Keyne. The venue had failed to promote the gig in any way and just a handful of people parted with £3 door entry. Aparrently, Sheldon got very pissed and was last seen slumped on the steps of the venue. Luckily, the doorstaff (a chick with a dick) were on hand to offer assistance. Wether Mr. Hannaford accepted the offer is open to speculation.  

26/09/09 - London, Canning Town, The Bridgehouse. A lengthy lay-off due to no-one wanting us and Sheldon having hospital treatment (an in-growing penis?) Seven or eight bands played today with us on at 10pm. UK vacant were, in my opinion the best act of the night. We followed First Wave and did our usual shit but with two new songs. "Stand up" and "2 minutes" I felt sorry for the the bands after us as some punters were leaving to catch last buses and trains.

17/10/09 - Bedford, Esquires. At very short notice we were invited to open for "The Cockney Rejects" at this fantastic venue. Our set was enjoyed by the 200 or so and needless to say we did extremely well on merchandise. First Wave and Citizen Keyne followed us and a good night was had by all. Gavin and I had had the pleasure of driving home whilst some poor sod had the mis-fortune of putting up with Dangerous and Sheldon for the night. If you would like Mr Hannaford in your bed or floor, send an E-Mail to,

22/10/09 - London, Camden Town - The Underworld. A wonderful night, not only with our favourite band, - 999 but a very good turnout (250ish) saw us at our best. Even the parking was easy. We opened with "Another Soldier" and did 6 songs from "Upside Down" and 5 from "Buy one get one free" plus "She don't understand" before finishing with "Fantastic Tits"  Some of our closest friends suggested it was our best performance ever. This may have been down to the superb sound system. We had a record night on merchandise. It would have been even better had some of our followers wore our T-shirts, - you know who I'm talking about!

23/10/09 - Newhaven, The Jolly Boatman. A very tired performance was put in by the band and this reflected in merchandise sales which saw just 4 cd's and a T-shirt sold. I wrote a new song this week and after a very quick run through, "This is what we do" was debuted at the end of the set. It is destined to become a live favourite. To see the words click here. Sorry no audio yet

24/10/09 - Crawley, The House of Oi (Rose and Crown) The first of two gigs today was at stupid o'clock in front of about 40 bodies. We must have put on a good show as a further 10 cd's were sold. A pity we couldn't stay and see Control and the Gonads. We were finished by 6.45 and an hour later were on the road to Sheerness.

24/10/09 - Sheerness, The Castle. The second gig saw us do almost our complete set but to a poor turnout. We ended the set with "This is what we do" which was appreciated by the few diehards. It's good to do a series of gigs over the weekend but I think we were all glad of the extra hours sleep with the clocks going back.

13/11/09 - Kettering, Sawyers. We were booked for this gig months ago as support to the Test-Tubes, but they had pull out recently. We were doing a double header in the area by going to Corby the following day. It was a mistake for us to honour this gig, we should have stayed at home. The other bands on the bill were as much to punk as Darlington are to league football. A total mis-match and not surprisingly only 16 people paid the extortionate £7 entry. To make matters worse, we were shit.

14/11/09 - Corby, The White Hart. A split gig with our good friends, First Wave saw an even poorer attendance and again our performance suffered. I'd rather have stayed at home. A huge loss was made over the weekend and moral is at an all time low. Gavin does not sell chestnuts on the seafront.

04/12/09 - Hastings, The Carlisle. Supporting the UK Subs to a capacity crowd on a windy December evening. I could have stayed at home watching "I'm a cunt get me out of here" but decided to play the part at Hastings instead. A couple of minor incidents occurred but not as serious as a few years back when a some people were killed here. Tonight we received the news that Steve Dangerous quit the band. Steve served on drums since just after formation and although he did not feature on either of our CD's, played in all of our 108 gigs. Steve also had an effect on women. He had quite a lot during his spell with us but kept one quiet. I can now reveal her identity, but to protect her innocence, I'm only going to publish her photo and not her name. Click here to see her in all her beauty.


09/01/10 - London, The Bridgehouse. This was our first gig with new drummer, Jan Mniszko, who at just 15 years of age has a great future ahead of him. Compliments were paid by all from the sell out crowd where we were supporting the UK Subs. The heavy snow made road conditions difficult but we made it to the venue just in time to see the "ten o'sevens". "Dangers Close"  followed before we did our 40 minute set. We left early to try to beat the expected snowstorm which failed to materialise. We've now got an enforced lay off as Sheldon will be having a hip operation soon.

12/06/10 - Deal, The Yew Tree. I'm writing this a long time after the event but remember it well. It was the opening match of Englands world cup campaign and the greedy landlord of the pub we were to play in with two other bands thought he could capitalize with music in one bar and footie in the other. After 35 minutes of the opening act, and the people watching the match leaving at half time to go elsewhere, he told us all to "fuck off" but also paid us to do so. We all took our drinks (and glasses) to a nearby pub (The Yew Tree) and explained the situation to the manager. He agreed to let us play after the match and even gave us £100, - Result. So the few that hung around were rewarded for their patience. Robert Green is a wanker!!

12/07/10 - Tunbridge Wells, The Forum. At very short notice, we agreed to play the venue as part of Jans work experience. 4th on the bill at 7.30 is something we are not used to, but we treated the gig as a rehearsal in front of a handful of bodies. After us were a band I've forgotten the name of.  Apparently they were once touted as having a great future but the truth is, I hated them, one of them had a beard! To me they are a throwback to the early 70's and should be inhumanely executed. That was what punk rock was all about. Could you ever imagine Hannaford with a beard and a waistcoat, I think not.

15/07/10 - Brighton, The Albert. This gig was filmed as part of the footage for a film but has yet to see the light of day. We were on 2nd after a band with two drummers. Whatever next, 3 Bassists? Yeah, I know, Spinal Tap did that. Anyway, we played a blinder, but it was so packed, that we had difficulty selling any merchandise. 999 followed, and did what they do best. A great evening. Thanks to Harriet for my birthday cake.

21/08/10 - Walmer, The Railway. An all day scooter event organised by Mark and Annette with the Last Resort Scooter Club. Some fine acts appeard today. My favourite were "The Flak" who were on after us. Thanks to all who attended and made the day a good one.

15/10/10 - Walmer, The Railway. It's been a long time since our last gig. Our CD was due to be released today but didn't arrive. We played the first set made up of songs just from "Inequality Street". Altogether we played for two and a half hours. I drank 3 cups of Tea ! - tres rock n roll n'est pas? Sorry for the French, but being so close to the continent I thought  I'd try to be a cunnilinquist!!

22/10/10 - Westham, The Heron. The first leg of our pub crawl to promote the new CD We started at 6pm and played a selection from all three releases. The "crowd" loved us and some even took the short journey to Polegate for the evening session. It's great to have a following even if there were only 6 of ya !

22/10/10 - Polegate, The Dinkum. In fairness, this was a bit of a disappointment. The attendance was lower than I would have liked and was only boosted by the Herons who attended. The management gave us loads of drink which Hannaford duly took advantage of. He does anything for a freebie !

23/10/10 - Hailsham, The Corn Exchange. The locals here really enjoyed our performance here and parted with their cash in exchange for our cd's. It was nice to play for the first time in the Town I lived in for 13 years. ( at the posh end, I hasten to add) We did Meaty Pete, which as a few people know, was inspired by a local paedo who lived not far from the town center. When the cd sales top 500 I may reveal his full name? 

23/10/10 - Eastbourne, The Gildridge. We had previosly sold quite a lot of our merchandise here, but in retrospect, we started far too early at 8pm. It was promised a party going on a few hundred yards away were all meeting up here but they failed to matrialise. Of course, when we finished at 9pm, the pub was starting to fill up and by the time we left, there were more than when we started but who hadn't seen any of our set. Not a great gig !

30/10/10 - Seaford, The Bay - Almost a home gig. The Crown won't have us after we failed to get to a gig last year when I was snowed in by two foot of the white stuff. The same faces attended this venue which was far more comfortable anyway. we started off with "Another Soldier" It was 4 years ago today we lost "Viney" in Iraq but his memory lives on.

30/10/10 - Lewes, The Royal Oak. A slight variation on the set we performed earlier. I honestly think this was the best we'd ever played. Jan was brilliant. Sales of the new cd continued and are availble at the gigs or by E-Mail.  

12/11/10 - Crowborough, The Bricklayers. Started off badly with the 9 mile trip from home to Crowborough taking nearly 50 minutes to complete in the pissing rain. The set was a shambles. "Another Soldier" was ok but we followed that with two poor renditions of "Money Man" and "Send in the troops" and got progressively worse. Quite possibly the worse performance we have done in over three and a half years. Thanks to the good people attended (even if you were hidden in the adjoining bar) who collected nearly £40 to donate to "Help the Heroes"

12/11/10 - Tunbridge Wells, The Royal Oak. Arrived at 9pm and it was still raining, but a full house appreciated our set and a good number of cd's were sold. A far improved performance by all of us.

13/11/10 - Uckfield, The Cock n Bull. Sheldon was attacked in Newhaven just before leaving to go to the gig but Geordie Ray came to his assistance and took a gash to the head for his trouble, - cheers Ray. The gig itself was a reasonable success and the audience loved us, even if Mr Hannaford had drunk too much and was close to falling over. Jan had some female admirers resulting in us not leaving 'til late. ( I never get any and am easily the best looking in the band!) It must be the aftershave?

27/11/10 - Hayes, The Hut. A venue run the the local "Road Rats" which dosen't conform to normal regulations. A fine bunch of lads (and lasses) enjoyed our set on a bitterly cold evening. First Wave followed and were excellent. An incident occured resulting in Mr Hannaford being caught with "meat" in his mouth and I can exclusively reveal he spits and does not swallow!!

04/12/10 - Margate, The West Coast Bar. I couldn't help but notice that the venue was was perhaps mis-named as Margate is so obviously on the East Coast. The snow had completely melted and the few that didn't try hard enough to get to the gig should be ashamed of themselves. We went on at a very early slot at 6.15 which was not to our advantage. With the exception of the Warriors at 8pm, all the support acts suffered with few punters showing interest. The UK Subs were their usual brilliant selves and did a lot of songs from their forthcoming release. We found a Kebab shop that didn't do vegi burgers much to Mr Hannafords dismay.

12/12/10 - Canning Town, The Bridgehouse. Great to be back at one of our favourite venues. Vicious Rumours were a man down but still put in a memorable set. It would be good to play with them again. Our set was the usual 50 minutes of nonsense, but we sold 19 CD's so we must have been reasonably good? No gigs booked at the moment so we may be a bit quiet in the new year.


04/06/11 - Stockwell, The Grosvenor. A support to all-girl Ramones tribute act, "The Ramonas" Normally, I detest tribute acts, and the fools that go to watch them, it's like buying Tesco value cola instead of Diet Coke. The Ramonas were slightly different because they look a bit nicer and the Bass player was rather cute, but maybe I'm a bit long in the tooth to become a gropie! This was our first gig this year but with Steve Dangerous back in goal, the lads gave 110% out on the park and got the result they were looking for. A well attended show that should have seen more merchandise sold. Babysitting? what sort of an excuse is that? For those of you that like that sort of thing, this is the sort of thing you'll like,

11/06/11 - Margate, The Britannia. A long but enjoyable day for most of us. We arrived early to have a short rehearsal before the show. To start we had a good crowd, but as the night wore on, they slowly dissapeared. I can only presume they had places to go? Perhaps they had to be in bed by 11.30? We performed 34 songs in our 1 hour 45 minute set.

18/06/11 - Camden, The Dublin Castle. It seemed to take an eternity to arrive at the venue as there were diversions through the city, but when we arrived, we found a parking space 200 yards away and walked the rest. First on were Shagnasty, who were far better than I expected. 16 guns followed before we did a 35 minute set. Gavin was unable to make the show so Tony from First Wave stood in and did a majestic job. Not a bad turnout and Menace were superb. Three bottles of wine is a poor substitute for not seeing your favourite band!

23/07/11 - Stony Stratford, The Bull Hotel. An absolute farce, where do I begin? Nine or ten bands over 8 hours in a venue about the size of a garden shed. A poor sound system with no monitors, less punters than band members. I could go on..... There were loads of people sitting outside listening who never needed to pay the £5 entry to get inside resulting in just £20 expenses for us.

     The organisers may think they put on a good show, but in my opinion it was worthless. A loss in excess of £50 was incurred for the day. The only highlight was seen as we arrived near Milton Keynes of a Seikh bike ride with what must have been over 300 turban clad cycling fanatics.

19/08/11 - Brighton, The Hydrant. Personally, I really didn't want to do this gig. Previous experience has taught me that, although with good intent by the promoters, these multi band gigs are attended by very few punters and the audience is made up of mainly other bands members. That said, we played a resonable set on a night that was running way behind schedule. The merchandise department saw little action. We all went home feeling very deflated.

10/09/11 - The Cherry Tree, Dagenham. A late addition to our hectic gig list. So late that Mr Hannaford declined to attend due to "family commitments" this coupled with the fact that he is now playing in a "tribute" band meant we resorted to honouring the show as a 3 piece. The sound system was less than desirable with no monitors and yours truly suffering from from a poor voice that got worse after a few songs. Despite this, we received favourable comments and the CD box was considerably lighter on the way home. I can honestly say that, between myself, Steve and Gavin, we had more hair than the entire audience! It was nice to see a number of people who came over from Holland to support the two acts from their country. I was only dissapointed that neither of them did "Tulips from Amsterdam"

18/11/11 - The Jolly Boatman, Newhaven. It's been far too long since we played here, mainly due to Sheldons reluctence to play 15 yards from his home. Since he retired, we've been rehearsing and planning a new CD which should be finished in the new year. Our guests this evening were "Skurvi" from Brighton playing a very "in your face" set which wasn't to everyones amusement. We all loved 'em and several others gave favourable comments after the event.

     I had intended to record tonights show, but alas forgot to press the play button on the minidisc, what a wanker? Luckily, some of it was videoed and I will post some footage on Youtube soon. Our set comprised of 30 songs and was reasonably well received. For the first time, tonight we were modelling our new smart stage wear, which I designed and Erica made, See photos here soon.

19/11/11 - The Castle, Sheerness. We were all looking forward to this one, but alas the attendance was poor and merchandise sales were minimal. Our 40 minute set had a few hiccups with my guitar pickup developing a fault, but we played reasonably and I almost remembered the words. Our good friends All Flags Burn followed befored Menace. In the past few Months, Menace have done gigs with three original members, so as last nights line up only featured Noel on drums, it was not representative of the real deal but they put in a superb performance and played for far longer than I expected.

24/11/11 - The Carlisle, Hastings. A good turn out of friends old and young for a windy Thursday on Hastings sea-front. The evening started badly when Steves car keys were dropped down the drain. Despite valiant efforts from many, (most notably Sean, ta mate!) by 8.45 we still had not retrieved them.

    I'm not sure whether tonights gig was good or bad, the audience seemed a bit lethargic. First band on were "Stage Fright" a group of very young punks doing a strong set of mostly covers. Following them was Portsmouth 3 piece "Avondale45" I noticed during their set that the drums were not very loud, it then was pointed out to me that nothing was miked up! This must have been one of quietest punk gigs I've ever been to. Steve and I missed the Subs as I had to drive him back to Tunbridge Wells to get a spare set of keys.

25/11/11 - The Prince of Wales, Heathfield. Possibly our finest performance we've ever done. A lovely venue with a fantastic sound. The only thing lacking was a packed pub. We had a good rent a crowd but the locals were a bit thin, although the few that attended seemed to enjoy the show. We used our new lighting system for the first time to create an atmosphere. After breaking a string for only the 3rd time in 25 years on our 5th song, we had to take a short break, afterwhich we carried on to do a total of 34 songs. Now we are really looking forward to next weekend.....

03/12/11 - Deal, The Telegraph. A very dissapointing turnout witnessed a performance that exceeded last weeks effort. 40 songs were played in a little under two hours with two new songs seeing their debut. "Enculez Vous" and "Get a life" were added after a rehersal before the gig. We are now tighter than a virgins gash and the impending recording session should be very productive. Thanks to the two Ipswich Town supporters who have a suprise coming in the post. It took ages to find a kebab shop afterwards, but we were rewarded by, without doubt the best Kebab I've ever had at 144 High Street, Deal.

10/12/11 - The Castle, Sheerness. We shouldn't have done this gig, we were added to the line at late notice only to find we were required to start at 8pm. The few early birds may have enjoyed our set, but I don't think we did. A poor performance by our standards. A new video has been uploaded to youtube. Have a look, -

23/12/11 - The Bay, Seaford. Back in the town of our spiritual home for a christmas gig. Everyone that turned up received a copy of Bin Laden on CD, the ideal gift for someone to use as a beer coaster. The night was reasonably well attended despite a few faces notably absent. We also recorded the show for possible inclusion as bonus material for the next album.

24/12/11 - The Cherry Tree, Dagenham. Our final gig of what has been a difficult year. A poor attendence, but as we miked up the entire kit, we had probably our best sound ever and the performance was top drawer!! We did every song in the current set, over 40 songs in about two hours. We also did a matinee show which was nothing more than a rehearsal. The room was so cold that the punters decided to stay round the warm side. 2012 will see a dramatic change of fortunes for the band. Watch this space, or better still come and watch us at a venue near you soon....................

20/01/12 - Sheldon's - Margate. We got stuck on the M20 after an earlier accident resulting in our late arrival at a new venue for us. Lots of people turned up to see us do anothe two hour set and many CD's were sold. We must have done a good job, 'cos the landlord wants us back very soon.

21/01/12 - The Change of Horses - Farnborough. A private function for some pirates, some of whom came from Cornwall. A strange bunch, but after a slow start, they seemed to enjoy our set. It was nice to only do 50 minutes and then see the other band after us. We've played with Criminal Brainstorm from Sheerness on a few occasions, but the line up is quite different to the last time. Their songs are very strong with good arrangements. It was a shame some of the punters started to drift away, thus eliminating their CD sales, but I parted with a fiver and what a good purchase it was!

17/02/12 - The Heron, Westham nr. Pevensey. My apologies to the three regular readers of this section of our web site for not updating until much later than the morning after. Pub gigs frequently see poor attendencies and tonight was one of those. It was the landladys birthday, and she likes us and insisted that her clientale be punished with our sounds. Seriously though, we went down ok but didn't sell any merchandise. New songs were included with "Agro" and "This Man" seeing their debut.

09/03/12 - The Hydrant, Brighton. Our first major show of the year as support to the Anti-Nowhere League. Although we went on first, there was a good crowd who apparently enjoyed our 30 minute set even though I had a complete blank on the lyrics of "Paranoia" Following us were Jonny and the Lubes who were fab. After them came Brutal Regime, whilst being very proficient, simply did not appeal to this old traditionalist who dosent like the new perception of modern punk. The League , of course were fantastic. Despite only one original member, the line up are tighter than my wallet.

"Cunt" of the night award was presented to myself for driving off with Steves car keys and getting 20 miles away before discovering them.

16/03/12 - Jolly Boatman, Newhaven. We've been here many times in the bands five year history, but this was probably the least attended show in all that time. A few diehards saw it out even though many of them had seen us on every occasion. All the new songs were played, but we went home feeling a bit deflated. Steve thought he was having a heart attack at one point.

17/03/12 - The Carlisle, Hastings. We rarely play Hastings and have never truly realised the potential sales and tonight was no exception. Heavy rain must have put a few people of coming out. There was a high turnover of punters coming through the door but we never seemed to hold onto them.

23/03/12 - Sheldon's, Margate. A repeat gig to an even bigger crowd than before. We recorded the first half and it sounded very good. This was another show that lasted the best part of two and a half hours.

30/06/12 - Walton WMC. This was Geordie Richies 50th birthday party with ourselves and Splodgenessabounds. Our set included many of the new songs, which despite the prolonged break since our last gig, still sounded fresh. We also did "Fat Chick" "Born to be Wild" and "Ace of Spades" with Richie on vocals. Considering we'd never played the area before, merchandise sales were poor.