We would like to publish your photo's here. Preferably in the bath, naked or with bubbles, - your call. As a non-sexist band, we would encourage members of each gender to contribute. Band supporters and friends have so far sent in the pics below. (Some are taken on mobile phones so can't be enlarged very much).The band have agreed to appear here as well, but not in the same bath tub!! Watch this space.

Email your photos in JPEG format to:


Holly having a bubbly soak. Love the oval bath!

 I'm a Bi-Polar Bear and would love a threesome with Holly and Mohammed but no one has seen him on this page. Click here  if you think you know where he is.

 This is Jeff from Eastbourne apparently singing along to Insane Society.

  We don't know who sent this but we know your E-Mail address!!!

 Julie, from Croydon sent this after we met her at a gig in Brighton.

 One for the girls, (and probably a few boys) Pete from Kemp Town


Wag - Insane Society                     Steve - Insane Society

 Another mystery photo sent via E-Mail.  A reward will be offered to anyone identifying this beauty.

 This is Michelle from Roscommon. She likes a bath that is big enough for two !  Any room for me?

 Stefan, our former Bassist having a dip.

 Dave from Eastbourne is very clean. He can often be seen at our south-coast gigs but quite often falls asleep during our performance.

 This is Rob in a very large jacuuzi designed for adult-orientated parties. I presume Shan was taking the photo and just about to jump in. Perhaps there is a shot of her as well?

  Skurvi vocalist Jimmy, cooling down after some action! Look at those nipples, was it a cold shower?

  Teresa from Hailsham hates Insane Society and promised to chop my nuts off if we post this picture of her.