Lyrics - Farcebook (page 1)

Wake up Britain

Words & Music by Paul D Waghorn

Wake up Britain, it's time to get a grip, 

“there's a mutiny onboard” said the captain of our ship, 

the passengers are nervous and the crew is in a mess, 

the hull is taking water, so send an S.O.S.

Wake up, wake up, wake up, 

Wake up.

Wake up Britain, ‘cos you’re fucking up my head, 

we should be out there working but we're sound asleep in bed, 

this affluent society must be overjoyed, 

'cos they've nothing but contempt for the millions unemployed.

Wake up, wake up, wake up, 

Wake up.

Wake up Britain, ‘cos the future's ain’t so great, 

get us out of Europe or condemn us to our fate, 

it wasn’t long ago when Britannia ruled the waves, 

but now it is the British who are destined to be slaves.

Wake up, wake up, wake up, 

Wake up..

I'm backing Britain but is Britain backing you? 

I'm backing Britain but is Britain backing you? 

I'm backing Britain but is Britain backing you?

This has been the opening song in the set since Sheldon left to join a tribute band. The lyrics are very "now" and justly merits its place as one of my best compositions.

Song of Faith?

Words & Music by Paul D Waghorn

The Catholic church is guilty, of crimes against the soul, 

redemption for their sins with no parole. 

All the muslim children, are brainwashed to believe, 

but never with intention to deceive.

Christian hatred in Iraq, Jesus Christ ain't coming back 

Be prepared for the next attack, Jesus Christ ain't coming back

Holy jihad, men in black, Jesus Christ ain't coming back

ain't no future, that's a fact, 'cos Jesus, 

ain't coming back.

The Koran and the Bible, bound by faith or creed, 

force fed to the masses, fuel their need. 

Chose your own religion, opinions contradict, 

but read between the lines, they're full of shit.


The book of Nostradamus, foretells of a war, 

when Armageddon beckons at your door. 

my question goes unanswered, If god created man, 

then why no intervention, when he can? 


Oh dear, Insane Society do religion? We have never attempted anything like this before, and probably not an automatic choice in our live set. It's also the longest song recorded by Insane Society. Religion should be taken very seriously with your tongue in cheek!

She lied

Words & Music by Paul D Waghorn

I’m successful,  she’s a mess, 

I’ve got money, she’s got less. 

Easy action, tempted fate? 

Now her monthly mate is, two weeks late.

I should have said “up yours” and walked away, 

‘cos she won’t want her baby anyway.

She lied, she lied, she lied to me, 

She lied, she lied, she lied to me, 

She lied, she lied, she lied to me, 

So get out of my face before I count to three.

She’s got bottle, I’ve got pride, 

Who’s the daddy? you, she lied. 

Took advantage, stole my key, 

Made a monkey, out of me.

She’d like to think she’s played her upper hand, 

My DNA may fuck her future plans.


I could never be so dumb to fall for that old trick. Claiming that your'e three months gone, you make me fucking sick. Go and see the social and get a council flat. Or shack up with the Father, if you know where he's at..

Guitar Solo then Chorus

This is another song that has become a permaneant fixture in our live set. I remember writing the chorus in my head whilst driving up th M6. I always knew this would be a good one!

No Angel

Words & Music by Paul D Waghorn

I’m a pimp, I’m a pro, I’m a dealer, 

I’m a fake, I’m a joke, I’m a sham, 

I’m a spiv, I’m a knave, I’m a waster, 

I’m a rogue, I’m a shark, I’m ya man. 

If you don’t like what you see, 

Ces’t la vie, ‘cos this is me.

I’m a thief, I’m a thug, I’m a bruiser, 

I’m a crook, I’m a lag, I’m a con, 

I’m a tramp, I’m a bum, I’m a loser, 

I’m a freak, I’m a fraud, I’m the don. 

If you don’t like what you see, 

Ces’t la vie, ‘cos this is me.

I can say what I want to, 

I can shout, I can scream,

I might be no angel, 

but you know what I mean.

I’m a creep, I’m a cad, I’m a bounder, 

I’m a tart, I’m a lush, I’m a slag, 

I’m a cheat, I’m a card, I’m a gambler, 

I’m a hoax, I’m a tease, I’m a wag. 

If you don’t like what you see, 

Ces’t la vie, ‘cos this is me. 


I’m a monochrome picture, 

on your TV set, 

and what you see is what you get.

I'd like get this in the live set, but learning so many words (and getting them right) is a problem. Lyrically, this is everything I am and I'm not. All the listener has to decide, is which is which?

Get a Life!

Words & Music by Paul D Waghorn

Growing up was never easy, 

on the troubled side of town, 

I was the King of a very small castle, 

so proud to wear my crown. 

I didn’t want to be a soldier, 

it’s a big bad world out there, 

a rebellious kid without a care.

A new class of total strangers, 

where the bigger boys picked on me, 

I responded like a coward, 

bunking school and my G.C.E’s 

I should have listened to my parents, 

“take a job or learn a trade” 

my sole desire was to get laid.

Get a life!

Left home to make my million, 

easy money wasn’t hard to find, 

Vince said, - “never con a conman” 

he must have told me that a thousand times. 

I’m sick of this angry silence, 

I’ll never vote for a bent M.P. 

even though he’s much the same as me.

Get a life!

I could paint a black and white picture, 

of this colourful life I’ve led, 

small words with a very big meaning, 

better than a life in bed!

Get a life!

I always regarded this as one of the weaker songs in the current crop. However, Mr Dangerous liked it so it was introduced into the set. A very biographical account of my formative years. "Vince" was a larger than life character who lived in Seaford and whom this recording, is dedicated to his memory.

Inequality Street

Words & Music by Paul D Waghorn

A man lives on the corner, he’s of ethnic origin, 

they say he was a gurkha ‘til a bullet done him in, 

he struggles on a pension, there’s graffiti on his wall, 

honoured by this nation but forgotten by us all.

In-equality Street, In-equality Street, 

where the children are afraid to speak, 

In-equality Street.

Imagine being 17, expecting once again, 

claiming social benefits, abused by older men, 

she’s learned to milk the system that she once thought so unfair, 

a child born to poverty and taken into care.

In-equality Street, In-equality Street, 

We only wants to make ends meet, 

In-equality Street.

I was born with nothing and I’ll die with not much more, 

In-equality street, We'll be forever poor.

Dan was doing very well importing foreign goods, 

his credit rating excellent, the Chinese understood, 

but Sterling took a tumble so he had to take a loan, 

bankrupt by the taxman who re-possessed his home.

In-equality Street, In-equality Street, 

branded as a benefit cheat, 

In-equality Street.

In-equality Street, In-equality Street, 

My hands are tied and so are my feet, 

In-equality Street.

This was originally written for our last project. At the time it was half the speed and didn't fit in after "Another Soldier" and was thus rejected. Much later we re-recorded this version, and I'm glad we did. Great lyrics that I'm very proud of!


Words & Music by Paul D Waghorn

In 1973, 

we joined the E.E.C. 

our future was unclear, 

but it seemed like a good idea. 

That’s what made Britain Great, 

‘til Europe sealed our fate, 


Ted Heath was in his prime, 

he committed Tory crime, 

but met his Waterloo, 

in Monsieur Pompidou, 

No European law, 

will benefit our poor. 


Now the Euro’s worth fuck all, 

it’s destined for the wall, 

they all want bailing out, 

and need financial help, 

We’re British, born and bred, 

so get this in your head, 


Every year, I meet up with some French anglers who I always greet with "Encoulez-vous" They always laugh, but it is extremely offensive. In 2011, I decided to write (in French) a song that we intended to perform on our trip to Amiens. It would have been included on this CD had I not re-wrote the words in English.

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