Lyrics - Cover it Up  

The idea was conceived long before Sheldon left in 2010, but not started until 2013 when we signed for German label Randale. A word of warning to any other bands thinking of joining their roster, - don't  Thanks for ya money Diana!

From the outset we had problems, so many guests agreed to provide vocals and for one reason or another, let us down. We were so unlucky, one individual who had previously said yes, became as elusive as Lord Lucan. Then communications grounded to a standstill with Randale. An email was sent, stating that unless we heard back within 24 hours, the masters would be offered to another label. We didn't get a reply of course, so an American Label agreed to take over. Three months later they went bankrupt, and it was down to another American independent, Punishment Block Records to release in November 2015. 

Each of the 12 songs were planned to feature a different vocalist. Eventually we had to settle for  Wags original demo vocals on a couple.  Anyway, here's the low down ....

England's Glory

Words by Ian Dury  -  Music by Rod Melvin.

There are jewels in the crown of England's glory,

And every jewel shines a thousand ways.

Frankie Howard, Noel Coward and garden gnomes,

Frankie Vaughan, Kenneth Horne, Sherlock Holmes,

Monty, Biggles and Old King Cole,

In the pink or on the dole,

Oliver Twist and Long John Silver, Captain Cook and Nelly Dean,

Enid Blyton, Gilbert Harding, Malcolm Sergeant, Graham Greene....


   All the jewels in the crown of England's glory,

   Too numerous to mention, but a few,

   And every one could tell a different story,

   And show old England's glory something new.

Nice bit of kipper and Jack the Ripper and Upton Park,

Gracie, Cilla, Maxie Miller, Petula Clark,

Winkles, Woodbines, Walnut Whips,

Vera Lynn and Stafford Cripps,

Lady Chatterley, Muffin the Mule, Winston Churchill, Robin Hood,

Beatrix Potter, Baden-Powell, Beecham's powders, Yorkshire pud....

With, Billy Bunter, Jane Austen, George Formby, Billy Fury,

Uncle Mac, Mr. Pastry and all

Uncle Mac, Mr. Pastry and all


Somerset Maugham, top of the form and the Boys' Brigade,

Mortimer Wheeler, Christine Keeler and the Board of Trade,

Henry Cooper, Wakey Wakey, England's labour,

Standard Vanguard, spotted dick, England's workers,

Ian Dury. 

One of my favourite Ian Dury songs. It should have been a single but was given to Max Wall in 1977 and released on Stiff as BUY 13 Frankie Flame was not our original first choice, but his performance was top notch. Ian would have been proud. A superb brass arrangement added a new dimension to the Insane Society sound. We must learn how to play this live.


Milk Snatcher

Words & Music by Paul D Waghorn

There’s party going on in London, in Kent and Sussex too,

We’ve seen the fall of Thatcher, the demise of the Tory blue,

So let’s jump on public transport, and meet in Leicester Square,

‘cos the ladys not returning, and we don’t fucking care.

The sun was in love with Maggie, but Maggie didn’t love me,

Maggie was a Tory girl who shafted my country,

There may be tears in Grantham when we say our fond farewell,

‘cos she was the devil’s daughter, and I’m sure she’ll rot in hell.

   Thatcher, Thatcher, Milk snatcher,

   Thatcher, Thatcher, Milk snatcher,

   Thatcher, Thatcher, Milk snatcher.

She stole my milk when I was five and moved to number ten,

Maggie loved the middle class, but hated Tony Benn,

Then she fucked the miners, brought the country to it’s knees,

and now she’s dead and buried, we’re so fucking pleased.

   Thatcher, Thatcher, Milk snatcher,

   Thatcher, Thatcher, Milk snatcher,

   Thatcher, Thatcher, Milk snatcher.

I couldn't believe my luck, having been in a very prolific vein of songwriting, I heard the news at 1pm that the Iron Lady was no more. I jumped on the bus home and within 45 minutes had the words and tune in my head, A demo was recorded that evening which eventually saw a limited release as a download  Cheers Russ! A superb performance by Lee Wilson of Infariot saw this version recorded a year later. Such was the hatred of Thatcher, that we can perform this song forever and her legacy will still annoy many.


All the Mad Men

Words & Music by David Bowie

Day after day, they send my friends away, to mansions cold and grey,

to the far side of town, where the thin men stalk the streets,

while the sane stay underground.

Day after day, they tell me i can go,they tell me i can blow,

to the far side of town, where it's pointless to be high,

'cause it's such a long way down.

So i tell them that,

I can fly, i will scream, i will break my arm, I will do me harm,

here i stand, foot in hand, talking to my wall, I'm not quite right at i?

Don't set me free, i'm as heavy as can be

just my librium and me

and my e.s.p. makes three

'cause i'd rather stay here, with all the madmen

than perish with the sadmen roaming free

and i'd rather play here, with all the madmen

for i'm quite content they're all as sane as me?

Day after day, they take some brain away, then turn my face around

to the far side of town, and tell me that it's real

then ask me how i feel?

don't set me free, i'm as helpless as can be

my libido's split on me

gimme some good 'ole lobotomy.

A David Bowie song from 'The Man who Sold the World" This was begging for inclusion and I'm very proud of my arrangement. Arturo Bassik of Lurkers & 999 provided the vocals recorded in a studio in Newcastle without any members of Insane Society present. Such was his professionalism, I could afford to rely on his instinct to do the job. Trouble is, there are so many chord changes, and I don't think we will ever do this live? 



Words & Music by Paul D Waghorn

Yesterday I had a chicken biryani, 

Desperate to find a public W.C.

There ain’t no toilet paper and my bum was a mess,

I had to pinch a page from the Daily Express.

I came out the Karsi after having a slash,

Totally embarrassed ‘cos I had a damp patch,

Everyone was laughing and taking the mick,

I should have used the bog roll to dry off my dick.

Toilets, Toilets, you know what they’re for, 

Toilets, Toilets, check the lock on the door,

Toilets, Toilets, it’s a natural thing,

Some people use the toilet just to gossip or sing.

Ladies get frustrated when they go to the loo,

‘cos they have to use the paper for a piss or a poo,

and then once a month, when the painters are in,

they dispose of their waste in the sanitary bin.

Have you ever used the toilet for some casual sex?

It’s cheaper than a hotel, no security checks, 

So if there’s some commotion inside cubicle two,

I could be entertaining or just having a poo.

On completing the demo for this one, there was only one man I could offer it to, - Max Splodge. I was in hysterics when he came to No. 22 to record his vocals. We've played this live only once, but upon release of 'Cover it Up' it will have to be back in the set. For those that like trivia, I wrote this bursting for a shite in a car park in Navan, Co. Meath whilst waiting for a mate to get some maggots to go fishing!


Saturday Night

Words by Bernie Taupin - Music by Elton John

It's getting late, have ya seen my mates?

tell me when the boys get here,

It's seven o'clock and I wanna rock,

gonna get a belly full of beer.

My old man's drunker than a barrel full of monkeys,

and my old lady, she don't care,

my sister look cute, in her braces and boots,

and a handful of grease in hair.

   Don't give us none of your aggravation,

   we've had it with your discipline,

   'cos Saturday night's alright for fighting,

   get a little action in.

   Get about as oiled as a diesel train,

   gonna set this dance alight,

   'cos Saturday night's alright for fighting,

   Saturday night's alright, alright alright.

Well it's packed pretty tight in here tonight,

I'm looking for a dolly who'll see me right,

I'll spend a little to cash to get what I need,

and use a little muscle and shout, - she's with me.

A couple of the sounds that I really like,

are the sounds of a switchblade and a motorbike,

I'm a juvenile product of the working class,

whose best friend floats in a bottom of a glass.


Roi Pierce is a legend. His unmistakable style is evident here. The idea of Roi doing an Elton John song may seem strange to some, but I think he was the perfect choice. There were very close links between The Last Resort and Insane Society, we both rehearsed at the same studio for a long time. 

Tomorrow never Knows

Words by Paul D Waghorn - Music by Dave Booker

I've got a pocket full of nothing, to match my fucked up life,

I could be close to breaking, but love my kids and wife,

I'm claiming every penny, I can't see where it goes,

tonight we may go hungry, tomorrow never knows.

The car ain't got no petrol, tax or M.O.T.

I saw a money lender, but he just laughed at me,

I could resort to thieving, to help relieve my woes,

yesterday was painful, tomorrow never knows.

Ten o'clock, fall out of bed, have a fag, scratch me head,

a shit and shave then make a brew, ain't got fuck all else to do,

breakfast is a slice of toast, walk the dog, read the post,

Matthew Wright on Channel 5, ain't it great to be alive?

It ain't no laughing matter, when you're signing on,

every other Wednesday, treated like a con,

I've weighed up every option, this ain't the life I chose

day to day existence, tomorrow never knows.

Spent a penny, lost a pound, got that bug that's going round,

popped a pill to get a grip, get on board, abandon ship, 

another brew just after four, same old bag I've used before,

I think I'll take an early bath, get a life, you're having a laugh!

I've got a pocket full of nothing, with no way out of debt,

final red reminders, the bank won't cash my cheque,

I'll try to raise a smile, or maybe just a grin,

'cos tomorrow never knows what another day may bring?

This song started out as a demo for former Subterranean frontman Dave Booker. The music was very different from the original until one day I realised a set of unused lyrics would fit the structure of the song. The slower bits were suggested to be performed as a Rap. I just added a silent C. Only joking, this was never offered to any guest vocalist and was supposed to be (at the time) my only vocal on the project.

The Paedo

Original words by Paul Gadd

Music by Mike Leander

Additional lyrics - Paul D Waghorn  

D'ya wanna be in my gang? my gang? my gang?

D'ya wanna be in my gang? (oh yeah)

D'ya wanna be in my gang? my gang? my gang?

D'ya wanna be in my gang?

I'm a paedo, I'm a paedo,

I'm a paedaphilic man I am, 

I'm a paedo, I'm a paedo,

I got my kicks in vietnam,

I can take you home every night, mum says it's alright,

I can make you jump up on my bed, give a little head.

They'll never believe it, they'll never believe it,

They'll never believe it, they'll never believe it.

D'ya wanna be in my gang? my gang? my gang?

D'ya wanna be in my gang? (oh yeah)

D'ya wanna be in my gang? my gang? my gang?

D'ya wanna be in my gang?

I'm a paedo, I'm a paedo,

A paedaphilic man I am, 

I'm a paedo, I'm a paedo,

but now I've an exclusion ban.

Your'e too young to go on the pill, ooh what a thrill,

I can't put my finger up your hole, 'cos I'm on parole,

They'll never believe ya, they'll never believe ya,

They'll never believe ya, they'll never believe ya.

THE song that could get us into trouble! We contacted a publishing company informing of our intentions and found that, we would be breaking copyright law even though Gary Glitter was likely to be banged up by the time this was released. So we offered it as a download on the day he was sentenced. I think it's morally wrong to earn royalties whilst he is doing time. Steve Dangerous makes his debut as a vocalist for Insane Society.


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