Twenty 20

Wag: This is/was the additional CD in the Wag Wears White Dox collection released in June 2021. It contains twenty songs recorded, but not considered for an Insane Society project. Before being remixed and remastered in January, some of these were available as downloads on The track listing is as follows,-

  • Im a yo-yo
  • Pay Up
  • God save our Queen
  • King or Country 
  • Smoking (Deep Purple)
  • Prodger Logica (Music - Ramones, Lyrics - Steve Dangerous)
  • Identity
  • Naked
  • Panic at the sweet shop
  • Daddies Music
  • Mummy's got the painters in
  • If looks could kill (Music - Frankie Flame, Lyrics - Garry Johnson)
  • Bar Fight (C. James)
  • SMP (C. James)
  • Christmas in Syria (C. James)
  • That Christmas Song
  • Organised Crime (Radio Edit) 
  • Organised Crime (instrumental)
  • The Corporate Christmas Tree
  • A Covid Christmas (Music - Paul Gadd, Lyrics - Steve Dangerous)
All titles ©Paul D Waghorn unless otherwise indicated

I'm not going to upload any sound bites or offer lyrics, but here is a brief rundown on the songs history.

'I'm a 'Yo-Yo' and 'Pay Up' are both very old songs and were recorded during sessions for the forthcoming 'Trans-Gender Express' project. Lyrically, they are OK, as indeed musically, but neither seemed to fit in, and so were destined as also rans. 

'God save our Queen' recorded in 2016, was shortlisted for 'Too far Left' but was ultimately replaced by 'A Song for England' The lyrical sentiment offered is very typical of my song writing and it would be a shame if this was lost without release.

When Insane Society, or rather 'The Crouch Potatoes' were formed, Sheldon wanted me to write a piece about the Napoleonic war. He gave me a book called, if I recall correctly 'A rifleman's tale' and I put three excerpts to a simple acoustic guitar part with a chorus. It was a bugger to get the sentiment of the lyrics right, and Sheldon acknowledged that the performance was beyond him. Drums and Bass were added to the original recording last year. 'King or Country' was also edited to create a shorter version as the original six minute version was a wee bit tedious. Perhaps this version is as well?

Back in 2016, we were playing at a Bikers pub in the west country when one of the punters asked us to do 'Smoke on the Water' by Deep Purple. I knew most of the words and so proposed the arrangement during the break and performed in our second set. It went down very well and so became part of our regular show much to the bemusement of our audience.

During one of jaunts to Europe, I learned a phrase that can be used to greet people from Poland. To get the best response, you should usually say this to larger Polish males, whilst raising a glass of vodka. The nearest pronunciation would be 'Prosher Logica' It was easy to put the phrase to the Ramones' Blitkrieg Bop with vocals provided by Steve Dangerous. 

Both 'Identity' and 'Naked' are old songs, although Identity was never recorded before this release, Naked, was touted for inclusion on 'Buy one, get one free' and was demoed, but rejected by both myself and Sheldon. I wanted a 'Dave Vanian' type delivery from Sheldon, but it never happened, despite both of us liking the song, it just wasn't punk. The original version can be found here. Neither song will ever be played live.

The next three songs were written and recorded over Christmas 2019 when my daughter was just 5 years and 7 months old. They can be downloaded for free here, but in their original coat having since been remixed and remastered. I tried to get her to do a video, but alas, the promise of sweets was not enough and a week later, Dana retired from the music industry.

'If looks could kill' was written by Frankie Flame and Garry Johnson and originally released on an Oi compilation in the mid 1980's. Garry wanted his 'masterpiece' to be included on 'Kosher' despite it being bloody awful. I re-recorded a new arrangement using instruments not normally associated with Insane Society (Double Bass and Pedal Steel Guitar) It is still available on the CD version of 'Kosher' albeit with a guest vocalist. Perhaps this is one that should have remained 'in the vaults?'

The following three were composed by former bassist Chris James a.k.a. CJ Vomit. Musically, all three are more than adequate, but the lyrics are, in my opinion, infantile. Using the nearest word that rhymes is not the way I like to write songs. All were briefly available as downloads, but have been withdrawn at the request of the composer.

Christmas songs are supposed to be fun aren't they? We've done a few now, and most are on the tail end of this CD. The first was originally titled, 'Don't be a cunt at Christmas' Of course, we changed that to simply 'That ChristmasSong' thinking it might not get much airplay, it didn't anyway. It was the final 'Crouch Potatoes' E.P. coupled with 'Fantastic Tits' and 'Jonny Holmes' This is a new recording from December 2019.

When we did a serious push to get 'Organised Crime' airtime, three versions were recorded. One of which was released on both the CD and Vinyl copies of 'Kosher' This CD features the other two. Firstly, the radio edit with different (more acceptable?) lyrics and the instrumental. It should have been huge, but.....

We never learn, following the disappointment of Organised Crime, I attempted another festive song with 'The Corporate Christmas Tree' In my mind, it is nothing special, so I didn't promote it with any effort. Steve liked it, so it was included on this collection. I included the organ solo very 'tongue in cheek' Click here for a free download of all our Christmas songs.

....and finally, 'A Covid Christmas' Whilst recording a new song (you can't buy time), Steve casually remarked a similarity to Gary Glitters final chart hit (another rock n roll christmas) so we added some naughty lyrics, penned mainly by Steve. I think it only merits release here to complete the collection.

There is more than enough material for a volume two. In fact some of the remaining songs, since being remixed, have been suggested for a 2022 release, if we are not dead and buried by then....