Wag Wears White Dox (page 2)

Bradley Walsh

Words & Music by  Paul D Waghorn ©2017

You’ve seen his mug on ya T.V. screen,
he's Mr Popularity,
'The Chase' is on almost every night,
I don't mind, 'cos he's alright.

There aint no role that he can't play,
who's that man? I hear you say,
Bradley Walsh.

He must have worked hard to get where he’s got,
nothing's gonna stop his way to the top,
he's an all-round super star,
but never made the grade at Griffin Park.

There aint no role that he can't play,
who's that man? I hear you say,
Bradley Walsh.

 Bradley Walsh -  low quality 64mbps mp3

'Bradley Walsh' was originally intended as a hidden bonus track on the CD, but due to demands from a few who heard the album before this physical release, has now been included. The strange guitar note at the end was intentional, as I was going to add a third verse. Possibly the shortest Insane Society song?


What Daddy Wants

Words & Music by  Paul D Waghorn ©2013

Daddy wants, what Daddy needs,
a father knows when to sow his seed,
he takes his time, so patiently,
then lock you up forever, throw away the key.

Daddy is a monster,
Daddy is a freak,
Daddy wants to touch you as you’re drifting off to sleep,
he’ll be somewhere in your nightmare,
and no matter how ya scream,
there's no one there to help you when you wake up from your dream.

Daddy knows, ‘cos Daddy sees,
he told his daughter ‘bout the birds and bees,
enslaved a captive, without a life,
24 years of incestuous delight.


Daddy wants, what Daddy needs,
seven mouths, seven children to feed,
eternal hunger, can’t hide the pain,
from what Daddy does to her again and again.


 What Daddy Wants - low quality 64mbps mp3

The first of two very dark songs by Insane Society. Inspired by the story of Joseph Fritzl, the Austrian pervert who kept his daughter in a cellar. I like the grunge feel to this song, but think it will never be performed live.


Seventeen Stairs

Words & Music by  Paul D Waghorn ©2015

Ya pay at the bottom of, seventeen stairs,
welcome to a world where, no one cares,
A dimly lit room, just a kettle and a bed,
Fifty for the works, twenty for head.
There ain’t no clock but she knows when it’s time,
the sound of an unlocked door is so sublime.
Back Street Girl.

Her pimp is a thug who beats her black and blue,
if she don’t do, what she is told to,
He drives around, in a big flash car,
and tells her one day, he’s gonna make her a star.
He offers a line of coke, to numb the pain,
she feels the back of his hand should she dare to complain.
Back Street Girl. 

I saw her mug on the cover of a magazine,
top shelf stuff, ya know what I mean?
she’s says she moved on, to a better place,
but make up can’t disguise the bruise on her face.
Her fake boob job was worth it’s weight in gold,
cos she's been turning tricks since she was nine years old,
Back Street Girl.

 Seventeen Stairs -  low quality 64mbps mp3

Following on from the previous song, this was also inspired by a news story, although I cannot recall the specifics. 'Seventeen Stairs' is unlikely to be performed live.


Ellie's Eyes

Words & Music by  Paul D Waghorn ©2016

Can you feel an ill wind blowing?
as the seasons start to wane,
another year of discontent,
flush this one down the drain.

My glass is always empty,
I can’t afford to drink,
I’m under no illusion here,
don’t care what people think.

They say that pride comes long before you fall,
it’s plain to see, the writing’s on the wall.

I’m up here in cuckoo land,
playing with my rubber band,
I may need a helping hand,
to see into another world,
through Ellie’s eyes.

Ellie’s eyes are glowing,
alluring yet sublime,
a youthful blend of innocence,
not old and dull like mine.

If I could trade my wealth of savoir-faire
I’d hold my head up high, without a care.

Last weeks news is history,
tomorrow, that’s a mystery,
I wish I studied chemistry,
so I might see another world,
through Ellie’s eyes.

A fool sees what he only wants to see.
‘cos man is blind to his hypocrisy.

My poker face is past its best,
I keep my cards close to my chest,
one flew off the cuckoo’s nest,
I wonder what is going on?
through Ellies eyes.

 Ellies Eyes -  low quality 64mbps mp3

I'm particularly proud of 'Ellie's Eyes' as I'd long wanted to write a song about depression. I was blessed with the title before the song after seeing a young girl at work who always appeared happy. She had perfect eyes and the song was written and demoed within 24 hours

The eyes pictured do not belong to Ellie.....


Roll on Saturday

Words & Music by Paul D Waghorn ©2013

You’ve passed your prime, at forty three,
It’s all downhill, so I believe,
Those golden years, have long gone by,
Too old to live, too young to die,
The bands I liked now sound like shit,
The clothes I wore no longer fit,
I still smoke fags ‘cos i can’t quit,
But I’m still trying

Monday, kids go back to school
Tuesday’s ain’t no fun at all
Wednesday night we watch T.V.
Thursday beans on toast for tea,
Friday’s hope that I just might get laid,
Then the weekend’s here so
roll on Saturday!

This mundane life, just ain’t for me,
I don’t conform, to society,
I last saw work, a year this May,
Now twice a month, get JSA.
I need a lift when the bus is late,
The wife left home, with her best mate,
She said I’d passed my sell by date,
but I’m not dying. 


 Roll on Saturday -  low quality 64mbps mp3

Originally inspired by seeing single Dads in McDonalds at weekends who have limited access to their kids, this song is up there with the best I've ever written. It was demoed with an acoustic guitar and was then a wee bit slower. Both versions are of equal merit, but this faster one feels more in line with it's neighbours. 


A Sound Cheque

Words & Music by  Paul D Waghorn ©2017

Testing, testing one, two, three,

we’re Insane Society,

gonna make a lot of noise in here tonight,

some street wise punk for your delight.

it’s good to be on the road again,

with stolen amps cranked up to ten,

Simple songs in the key of F,

I hope I’m old before I’m deaf,

tales of crime or anarchy,

testing, testing, one two three.

We might go down like a lead balloon,

‘cos this guitar don’t stay in tune

and if you must, please sing a long,

but don't blame us if it goes Pete Tong,

‘cos the monitors fucked, can't hear no bass,

the sound on stage is a bloody disgrace,

are the vocals cutting through, loud and clear?

sort it out please, engineer,

and now my voice sounds way off key,

testing, testing, one two three.

No sex, No drugs, or rock n roll,

when Monday comes, we’re back on the dole,

there aint no job that would suit me just right,

like making loads of noise on a Saturday night.

Would someone please get the band a beer?

‘cos I’m sweating like a pig on heat up here,

we’re overworked and underpaid,

with fuck all chance of getting laid,

the landlord thinks we’re far too loud,

and says bad language ain’t allowed,

his foul mouthed rant is all in jest.

but sorry, we don’t do requests,

talent dosen’t come for free,

testing, testing, one two three.

 A Sound Cheque - low quality 64mbps mp3

A rock n roll tune without a chorus! In the last few years, I've rarely heard a song I wished I'd written, but one that springs to mind is by 'Menace' who included 'One, two, one, two' on 'No escape from nowhere' So I was inspired to write a song about a sound check, again questioning why we, or other struggling bands bother for little, or no reward.


45 Revolutions

Words & Music by  Paul D Waghorn ©2015

Now the kids have all grown up, I can listen to what I like,
Turn the sound up on the stereo and use a hairbrush for a mic,
Pretending to re-live my teenage memories,
Tonight I’m Billy Idol,
but tomorrow I’ll be me.

I’ve got boxes full of vinyl, and each one is a gem,
From the Rejects to the Nosebleeds, at 45 rpm,
and it would be a sin to throw them all away,
'cos every scratch is sacred,
until my hair turns grey.

45 revolutions, 45 memories,
45 friends forever, 45 years to live,
and if I had time to rewind my life,
I’d do it all over again,
because I'm 45!

The first fag of the morning, three sugars in my tea,
I feel just like a bad review, In Sounds or N.M.E.
but then I heard The Adverts on my radio,
Without my one chord wonders,
They’d be no Rock n Roll!


 45 Revolutions - low quality 64mbps mp3

Could this be the finest song ever written by Insane Society? Despite being nearly eight years old, we have so far, failed to include in our live set. However, this is due to be rehearsed for forthcoming shows.

It's more than just glorifying the 45 rpm vinyl, it is everything about being part of the 70's and 80's punk scene and the nostalgia that goes hand in hand.

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