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Wag: This collection of songs were written around the same time as 'TFL' although some, most notably '45 Revolutions' and 'Roll on Saturday' predate even 'Kosher' and 'Cover it Up' from 2015.

WWWD is a lighter album, both lyrically and musically than TFL, but with a far superior production. The release comes after a difficult period for the band following a drop in gig offers and of course, the global pandemic.

The album was remixed no less than four times at the request of a record label who subsequently backed out of a release, so after a period when available as a download, we have now self financed this project with a bonus disc of 20 previously dismissed recordings.

The bonus CD contains songs that were available as downloads on the '2020' vol. 1 & 2 demo albums that were withdrawn earlier this year. They have all seen radical remixes and have been remastered at No. 22 studios in Royal Tunbridge Wells.

Here's a rundown of the songs contained on the physical release. Downloads will not include the limited edition bonus disc, so order soon to ensure availability.


Fucked Up

Words & Music by  Paul D Waghorn ©2015

He’s a fucked up man with a fucked up life,
fucked up kids and a fucked up wife,
a fucked up car, a fucked up job,
a fucked up hand and a fucked up knob.
Fucked by the system, fucked like a fool,
fucked ever since the time you first attended school,
Fucked Up.

Fucked up sex in a fucked up bed,
a fucked up face on a fucked up head,
fucked up boys and fucked up girls,
fucked up people in a fucked up world.
Fucked by the media, fucked for what its worth,
fucked every single day spent on this fucking earth,
Fucked Up.

If seeing is believing, I don't like what I see,
the mirror is deceiving, but this is me, this is me. 

Fucked up words in a fucked up song,
fucked up weed from a fucked up bong,
fucked up coal from a fucked up pit.
Can’t take no more of this fucked up shit,
Fucked by your neighbour, fucked by the dole,
fucked by the tory boys in every fucking hole,
Fucked Up.

 Fucked Up -  low quality 64mbps mp3

OK, I admit to liberating the first two lines from fellow Tunbridge Wells Punks 'The Anti-Nowhere League' and went on to get as many 'fucks' as the average gangster rap tune. The original concept of this album was to have song titles to initially shock the listener. 



Words & Music by  Paul D Waghorn ©2017

I don't need a brand new ipod,
or a wealth of luxury goods,
I want to waste my hard earned cash,
but can't see the trees for the wood.
Been fed a load of nonsense,
about what I must or mustn't get,
Google knows my every move,
but won't pay off my debt.

T.V. Advertising,
gets deep inside my head,
like a stash of dirty magazines,
hidden underneath the bed.

I've been brainwashed,
Deaf, dumb and blind,
I've been brainwashed,
I don't know my own mind.

Should I trust this medication?
or ignore my docs advice,
the taste of a pink placebo,
will never be as nice.
Some say that there’s a message,
on a Sgt. Pepper song,
well, maybe I’m mistaken,
and I’ve simply got it wrong.

There’s method in my madness,
won’t need to see a shrink,
dictated by my other self,
who’s driven me to drink.


 Brainwashed -  low quality 64mbps mp3

Brainwashed? Of course you are, unless you live in a cave, you are influenced by everything thrown at you by this capitalist society. Maybe by reading these notes, you too are being manipulated?



Words & Music by  Paul D Waghorn ©2017

Some say rules are simply made for breaking,
but I won’t bend for no man or his dog,
S.O.S. my ship is sinking,
brainwashed into radical thinking,
driving down a dead end street,
where hopes are obsolete. 

I’d like to spend some days at home relaxing,
’til certain people try to wind me up,
they tell me I should face reality,
resist arrest or Police brutality?
Thursday night on question time,
human nature’s in decline.

I’m angry, when I’m watching T.V.
I’m angry, with a dodgy referee,
I’m angry, it's in my DNA,
I'm having a very bad day.

You can’t convince a man who seeks perfection,
the answer’s written down in black and white,
logic says there’s no infinity, 
basking in my masculinity,
a story ends with once upon,
this book has pages torn and gone.

I’m angry, if it’s pissing down with rain,
I’m angry, when Brighton lose again,
I’m angry, I should be locked away,
I'm having a very bad day.

I’m angry, when I can’t get out of bed,

I’m angry, and I’m always seeing red,

I’m angry, so get out of my way,

I’m angry, and I’ve had a bad day,

I’m angry, when I’m drinking at the bar,

I’m angry, if I’m travelling in a car

I’m angry, but it can’t get any worse,

unless I’m in a hearse?

 Angry -  low quality 64mbps mp3

One of the themes of my song writing career has been my apparent anger. Yes, it's true, I am an angry person because reality has made me see the world for what it so obviously is, - a pile of shite. 


Any Old Hole

Words & Music by  Paul D Waghorn ©2018

Remember when we were seventeen,
Dancing to sound of the 'Sex Machine'
On Friday night, the boys got paid,
and paint the town on a lads crusade.

By 2am my head was done,
so now it's time for some adult fun,
adolescence need and a want for more,
to get another notch on my bedroom door.

I'm in complete control,
of Drugs and Rock n Roll,
I'd give my my heart and soul
'cos any old hole, any old hole's a goal.

Time passed by, our youth was lost,
some stayed at home and bemoaned the cost,
of getting hitched when far too young,
thirty five and under the thumb,

We still go out every now and then,
but young girls don't want older men,
tried and tested chat up lines,
failed to work in desperate times.

Signed up to on-line dating,
but it came as a bit of a shock,
'cos instead of just flirtating,
Granny pulled out her cock.

 Any Old Hole -  low quality 64mbps mp3

Without doubt, one of the finest songs we've ever done. Enjoyed by the band and the few who have witnessed it in our live set. An absolute must for 'ourgreatestshit' which is due to be released next year.


Wayne Kerr

Words & Music by Paul D Waghorn ©2015

Titty was a girl, barely fifteen,

She had her mind set, on the man of her dreams,

Coming home from school, on the 4 o’clock train,

she met a young lad, who said “Hello, I’m Wayne”

They arranged to meet for coffee on Saturday night,

But Wayne didn’t get, his timing right. And she said,-

Wayne Kerr, Where are you?

Wayne Kerr, you’re late,

Wayne Kerr, Where are you?

Please come quickly ‘cos you know I cannot wait?

Wayne’s worked at Tesco, since 2009,

Reading all the magazines, to help pass the time,

Hiding in the storeroom, a solo game of let’s pretend,

Whilst thinking about the things he do, with his new girlfriend,

The tannoy caller came out, loud and clear,

But Wayne was in heaven, so he didn’t hear! When she said,-


On the day of their wedding, Titty looked divine,

Wayne told his best man, that the pleasure was all mine,

at the hotel reception, he couldn't believe his eyes,

there stood a page three model, of whom he often fantasised,

with an ounce or two of silver in the palm of his hand,

His newly wed wife, didn’t understand. Then she said,-


 Wayne Kerr -  low quality 64mbps mp3

Most of this was recorded at the same session as the slower reggae(ish) version that first appeared on 'Cover it Up'. It has been a mainstay in the set for a long time. Steve once said every Insane Society album has a wanking song on it, and WWWD is no exception.


Punk Rock Band

Words & Music by  Paul D Waghorn ©2015

I'm a punk rock singer in a punk rock band,
we stole our gear from an un-locked van,
we’ve driven all the way around the M25
got stuck in a jam, and we're late to arrive,
at the end of the night, we haven’t been weighed in,
I dunno why we bother, but we'll do it again.

Dangerous plays drums with no one on the Bass,
my name’s Wag, I’m a fucking disgrace,
I joined this band 'cos I needed to score,
and get me some attention from a punk rock whore,
so where’s all the action when it’s needed most?
when I come in ya mouth, there’s a cheque in the post!

Oi Oi, that’s such a cliché,
Oi Oi, don’t do it again,
Oi Oi, it sounds so simple,
but we’ve got something more valid to say!

Some might say this band’s a piece of shit,
cos political correctness ain't on our script,
we’ll never make the playlist at the BBC,
and we haven’t got the backing of a record company,
no one cares if we play a bum note,
they say you’re too old, and think we’re a joke.

 Punk Rock Band - low quality 64mbps mp3

In the same vein as 'This is what we do'  from 'Inequality Street' here is another song questioning why we bother being in a band. For some it's just the ego, for me, it's art, but very few will appreciate it for what it is. 


Big Words

Words & Music by  Paul D Waghorn ©2015

Steven said some words in jest,

now he’s stuck at home under house arrest,

‘cos freedom of speech is dead,

If you can’t comprehend those words that were said.

Please don’t condone this verbal act,

‘cos big words are not meant to be exact,

if you fail to share our point of view,

then big words are a bigger waste on you.

Always read between the lines,

you won’t believe half the shit you may find,

but if you want a quote or two,

don’t ask us to provide one for you.

Please don’t condone this verbal act,

‘cos big words are not meant to be exact,

if you fail to share our point of view,

then big words are a bigger waste on you.

Big words say what they want to say,
every one is so blasè,
abbrieviate my life away,
‘cos this is verbal caberet.
Big words say what they want to say,
all here in my dossier,
welcome to my word soireé
and I’m so bored of the U.S.A.

 Big Words - low quality 64mbps mp3

Insane Society are ostensibly, a collective ensemble of corpulent individuals, who have created an opprobrium, that leaves the eustation tube on an unparalleled prevarication, which may appeal to the average leperdoptrias to experiment with laudanum, whilst offering an air of exothermic, yet egocentric, impious mycology. 



Words & Music by  Paul D Waghorn ©2015

A fourteen year old schoolboy, chose sociology,
His teacher was a bender, who drove a Ford Capri,
Thursday night detention, the master made a pass,
Please sir, I don’t want to be, head boy of my class!

He found a flat in Brighton, and joined a skinhead gang,
Schooled on hate and anger, the boy became a man,
They cruised the street for action, when an old queen looked their way,
Time for retribution, and sir will have to pay.

Queer, Queer, we don’t want your kind round here,
Queer, Queer, you can drink your pink champagne,
But real men prefer beer!

Blood stained Dr Martens, were reigned upon his head,
The sound of sheer frustration, the smell of cherry red,
His face looked so familiar, that’s when the penny dropped,
Sir was barely conscious as the bastards all ran off.


Tried by Judge and Jury, found guilty of their crime,
Justice was rewarded, so now must serve some time,
Banged up with a cell mate, as queer as folk, that’s true,
Don’t call him homophobic, ‘now he has come out too!

 Queer -  low quality 64mbps mp3

A lot of our songs are mini stories and this is a prime example of the creativity in which we excel. The whole concept of a skinhead being 'queer' is something that will offend many, but Insane Society are not afraid to write about any subject. 


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