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The 2nd half of TFL benefitted most from the restructured running order. Out went 'What Daddy Wants' 'Seventeen Stairs' 'Queer' 'Wayne Kerr' and 45 Revolutions. The album title track survived as it was the first to receive an overdub of Cameron which triggered my idea to create a running theme from the opening track through to the end.


Too far left to be right. . . .

Words & Music  ©2014 Paul D Waghorn 

You’ve read the news in the paper, and seen it on T.V.

A disenchanted nation, an Insane Society,

There’s a riot in suburbia, in towns and cities too,

We blame it on our government, but they insist it’s you!

The readers of the Daily Mail are totally out of touch,

but who controls the media, who influence us so much?

Too far left to be right, far too right to be wrong,

We don’t expect you to understand, but we want you all to sing along,

There ain’t no secret agenda, we know where we belong,

Because, I’m too far left to be right, and far too right to be wrong. 

Did ya vote at the general election? I never knew who won,

Forget about our heritage ‘cos the damage has been done,

We only want one leader, but might get two instead,

I can’t Imagine Cameron riding Mr. Ed.

A marionette is calling, there’s a slip knot on his string,

This angry man from Tunbridge Wells can’t change a fucking thing.

The silent voice of Britain, gets louder everyday,

But when you’re hard of hearing, it’s worthless anyway?

  Too far Left audio in 64mbps mono mp3

TFL was composed to order after I suggested the provisional album title be "Too far left to be right" to which Steve added "far too right to be wrong" My creative finger was working overtime as the lyrics flowed with relative ease. The 'marionette' is Nigel Farage who, with his UK independence party, destroyed the electoral dominance of the mainstream parties. 


Cover it Up

Words & Music  ©2015 Paul D Waghorn 

They say that the bigger you are,

then the harder you’re gonna fall.

well, I’m no big guy and I won’t stand by,  

and pretend to do fuck all.

The rise of the peoples army,

demand to know the score,

‘cos we don’t want our government,

doing deals behind closed doors.

Millions want for nothing,

and to quote what Dylan said, 

“the times they are a changing”

so that’s just what they will get.

I believe in what I stand for,

to fight for the right to fight,

but who are we gonna to turn to,

when the truth is sanitised?

Malaysian airways , - Cover it up,

Sweatshop poverty, - Cover it up,

Politician Paedo, - Cover it up,  

Deep Cut suicide, - Cover it up.

We’ve seen too much confusion,

in a far off distant land,

if you take a life, it’s an eye for an eye, 

not a slap on the back of your hand.

Silence is the enemy,

won’t leave no calling card,

so why become a prisoner,

right here in ya own back yard?

Tory Propaganda,- Cover it up,

Hillsborough tradegy, - Cover it up,

Fifa bribary , - Cover it up,

Abused in Rotherham, - Cover it up. 

close your eyes and refuse listen,

or question faith, without religion, 

a wasted prayer has no guarantee,

‘cos this is a rap with a silent C. 

Operation Yew tree, - Cover it up,

Conspiracy theory, - Cover it up,

Human trafficking, - Cover it up,

Police brutality, - Cover it up.

  Cover it Up audio in 64mbps mono mp3

We have to thank our new bassist CJ Vomit, who was begging this relatively new song to be included. He was right of course, as it was bound to be a live favourite. It seems every conspiracy theorist wants to read in-between the lines to any major event that seems to have a unbelievable excuse offered to us gullible mugs. Tax payers are coughing up loads of dosh to get no more than a lie to protect the guilty.


No left turn (for the working class)

Words & Music  ©2015 Paul D Waghorn 

We’re trading arms with Saudis from the Arab east,

so they can wage a war with neighbours in the name of peace,

I could close my eyes, ignore what’s going wrong,

or ask in vain, whose side are we on?

There’s a piggy in the middle, let’s just call him Dave

he makes loads of cash, and knows how to misbehave,

growing speculation on when his time will end,

a message from the media, failed to condescend. 

It’s an urburn lie that’s built on trust,

they need our votes, but don’t want us,

sold down the river, now it’s shit or bust,

‘cos there’s no left turn for the working class.

There’s a man on the left with an awful sense of dress,

say’s he has a vision to rid us of this mess,

some of his mates don’t share his points of view,

and discontent amongst the ranks of Tory blue.

Time will surely tell how far this story runs,

you can’t win a war without the use of guns?

the seed is sewn for a long drawn out affair,

whose to blame? some say Tony Blair!

Can’t look us in the eye, but got him sussed,

our great British Steel has turned to rust,

taken for a ride on a chauffer driven bus,

now there’s no left turn for the working class.

McDonald, Hardie, Attlee, they don’t make ‘em like that any more,

honest men who made Britain great, 

and what did our generation get?

bent bankers, and New labour led by a posh twat called Blair.

The chamber is locked so you’ll need a pass, 

stuff your manifesto up your arse,

they sniff coke, and we grow grass,

so there’s no left turn for the working class.

  No Left Turn audio in 64mbps mono mp3

This song was also inspired by Garry Johnson. There is also a completely different version with Garry's lyrics which like 'No Land' was dumped in favour of this. In a little over 7 weeks from late May to mid July 2015, we wrote music to accompany no less than 14 of Garry's poems. I was happy with the original, but this one simply rocks. Could have made a great single in days gone by.


When the lights go out

Words & Music  ©2016 Paul D Waghorn 

When the lights go out in London,

the world will close it's eyes,

as friends across the ocean,

claim immunity to lies,

Been punished for our glories,

and dark, historic past,

this flag that blew so proudly,

now flies well below half mast.

And the nights are long,

there is no summer here,

it's oh, so wrong,

a city fuelled on fear,

my eyes grow tired,

but I dare not try to sleep...

When the lights go out.

When the lights go out in London,

who will shed a tear?

business men or criminals,

both out to domineer.

These rats have taken over,

my ruin of a town,

so we must live in squalour,

as society's breaking down.

And the nights are long,

it's hard to stay awake,

'cos it's oh, so wrong,

now our future is at stake,

my eyes are tired,

but I dare not try to sleep...

When the lights go out.


Looking for investment, risk assessment,

payback time to collect what's due,

don't want purity, bypass security,

jump in quick to avoid the queue.

Living expenses, sitting on fences,

money is the king of London Town,

take the tube to Ealing, do a bit of dealing,

coming up trumps when the chips are down.

  When the lights go out audio in 64mbps mono mp3

Some may cite this as the best song on TFL and who am I to argue? It certainly is a wee bit different from the norm, but what is the norm? I don't want to sit on a fence and turn out the same old shit forever. The arrangement is top drawer stuff, and the rap performed in a style not too dissimilar from Ian Dury, was intentional before completion, not simply an afterthought. 

What wasn't planned was the dual guitar solo, i was struggling with the part until thinking it might work. It was a pig to get right, but after many takes and edits, I knew i'd cracked it. 

The subject matter is how I perceived an exit from the E.U. would make us the lepers of the western world, not withstanding that we've been the most unpopular country in Europe for a very long time. 

Will we ever win Eurovision again?


A Song for England

Words & Music  ©2016 Paul D Waghorn 

There's a pub at the end of our road,

with a sign saying “sorry, we're closed”

it's been there for 200 years,

'til the rent was too far in arrears.

Now a piece of old England has gone,

and the land where it once stood upon,

the corporate empire is fed by a liar,

who won't reveal whose side he's on.

They've spun us a line on T.V.

and stolen our right to be free,

by taxing the tax that we pay,

we're drowning in urban decay.

But if there's a means to an end,

a long playing game of pretend,

the rebels are rising, 'tho that's not surprising,

united  together we stand...

So let's raise a glass to England,

'cos England belongs to me,

the words of “Rule Britannia”

are cherished forever to read,

no lords or ladies in waiting,

just folk with divine loyalty,

So let's raise a glass to England,

'cos England belongs to me.

Remember that pub that closed down?

there's one less in every town,

now luxury blocks of new flats,

built for business fat cats.

At £800,000 a shot,

affordable housing it's not,

but here in the city, the peoples committee,

are part of a time that forgot.

  A Song for England audio in 64mbps mono mp3

So this is the song I consider to be one of, if not my personal favourite on not just this collection, but maybe all Insane Society songs in the last ten years. Along with 'My Town', 'Another Soldier' with perhaps 'Seventeen' and 'Fat Chick' this and 'No Land' are dead certs for  a 'Best of Insane Society' if we were ever to become famous enough to warrant such a release.

The song in no way a traditional 'punk' song. At around 66bpm, it is the slowest song we've ever done. The sentiment of how this once great nation has been sold off, is very apparent, yet we still cheer our football team on during international tournaments even though we are shit.

The outro was, I admit an afterthought. With so many treasures to use in such a short time, it was a difficult choice to select which ones to select. I just couldn't fit any clips from 'Thunderbirds'

This should win Eurovision !


War Zone

Words & Music  ©2015 Paul D Waghorn 

You can’t see the enemy, but we know who they are,

hiding in the desert sands, from Turkey to Iraq.

European fear, terror over here.

Fighting for a reason? rebels with a cause,

sweeping through the region, under sharira law.

Tanks & Bombs & Guns, won’t save anyone.

in a war zone.


Fleeing in their millions, march into the sun,

dodging the artillery, with nowhere left to run.

ain’t no turning back, go all out attack,

Not safe in this city, once somebody’s home,

no life in the ruins, casualties unknown.

Those who are to blame, hold your heads in shame.

It’s a war zone.

In a war zone, at a town near you,

war zone, what ya gonna do?

war zone, can’t hide from the truth,

war zone, they’re coming for you.

  War Zone audio in 64mbps mono mp3

..... and so we conclude this album with a full on punk performance. Another feast of sound effects and even some barking dogs and a baby crying. I was trying to portray how it must feel to be in the midst of a civil war. We could be just a spark away, from what only happens in other countries? 

Anyone who is reading these notes and lyrics whilst listening to 'TFL' may wonder what planet I'm on sometimes? Unlike many contemporary punk bands, I truly want to push boundaries even if it means losing some of our core audience. Who knows? perhaps the next album might see a collection of 200mph punky anthems á la 'Ramones' but I doubt it.

Like Geoffrey Hamilton-Smythe, I hope you were tapping your feet all the way through, and if so, just select track 1 and start again. This is a multi-layered album, you'll discover things you missed first time round.

If by now you are confused as to where you are on the political spectrum, pick a spot on the image below, and if brave enough, fly your colours, and admit you are,-

     'Too far left to be right, far too right to be wrong'

                                                                                            Wag  -  September 4th 2016.

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