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Too far left...., and its cartoon sleeve was conceived as far back as 2013, with some of the songs pre-dating those on both 'Cover it Up' and 'Kosher' It was initially planned to see a release just before the U.K's 2015 general election after our plan for global punk domination seeing 'Cover it Up' gaining multiple sales. 

Doh, if only.... I've previously explained the reasoning behind our release schedule being derailed, so I won't repeat myself....

In January 2016, the running order and mixes were considered complete, but I had a call from a German fan of both Insane Society and Garry Johnson, expressing a wish to see Garry's material and some of our songs complimenting a vinyl release. Of course this put the TFL mastering sessions back a bit, so we planned to put them on hold until after the E.U. referendum. When the result came through, I had a brainwave to incorporate Cameron's resignation speech into the intro of one of the songs. 

That led on to a radical restructure of the whole album and several songs, destined for our 2017 project, were hastily recorded to replace no less than six of the former provisional titles.

On July 5th 2016 (my birthday) Steve Dangerous  and I discussed my intentions. He was horrified to hear that I wanted to drop absolute classics such as 'Queer' 'Fucked Up' and most importantly '45 Revolutions' in favour of the newer songs. By the time he'd listened to my new favoured running order, complete with 'extras' he agreed that it had to be done.

I was getting desperate for the design, but thankfully we found a world class artist in Chris Burke on our doorstep right here in Tunbridge Wells. After playing him the album, Chris pencilled an idea of how I wanted to see the design. When coloured, it was most apparent that we should get the product out as soon as possible.

Photo's were arranged with local music fan, Sue Stevens doing the honours and Natalia Petruch, the girlfriend of CJ Vomit, our bassist, putting all the pieces together in design. 

I've long considered this to be our finest project. In fact it has rarely been out of my car stereo. In time, some may claim it to be our 'Sgt Pepper' moment, it really is that good. So in the wise words of Geoffrey Hamilton-Smythe, "pour yourself a large Brandy and enjoy the next 45 minutes or so of,-"

   'Too far left to be right, far too right to be wrong'

No Land, No Hope, No Glory

Words & Music  ©2015 Paul D Waghorn 

The streets of London ain’t paived with gold,

but people came in days of old,

to seek their fortune and a better life,

without the fear of a switchblade knife.

Times have changed since two world wars,

where money rules, no open doors,

and that’s how it will always be,

21st century slavery.

What became of the land of hope and glory?

not fit for heroes, not what I signed up for,

is this a plot in an old Dickensian story?

‘cos just like Oliver Twist we all want more.

Bent M.P’s and business men,

striking deals on a ballpoint pen,

their contract is a bond of blood,

tax exempt in a sea of mud.

European man won’t take no shit,

you can’t come in if your face don’t fit,

but beg for work with cap in hand,

England’s green and pleasant land.

No Land, No Hope, No Glory,

No Faith, No Future, No Fun.

 - No Land audio in 64mbps mono mp3

This was intended for inclusion on the 'Kosher' album sporting Garry's lyrics from 'Boys of the Empire' Being an absolute belter of a song, I wasn't too disappointed when Garry opted out of the collaboration due to poor health. I re-wrote the lyrics to make it my own but owe much to Garry's inspiration.

Currently the opening song in our live set, and likely to be so for quite a while, it kicks off 'TFL' as a concept album and the apparent implosion of mainstream political heavy weights and their failure to listen to the most important factor of their position, - us, the voters!

As the album progresses, you'll get the theme..



Words & Music  ©2013 Paul D Waghorn 

Did ya Grandad fight for freedom,

in the first or second world war?

was he so proud of those medals that he wore?

he’d be turning in his grave to see what’s going on,

The war to end all wars was never won.

His bravest friends were soldiers,

who answered to the call,

to fight and die together, one and all,

they liberated Europe, and we won’t forget,

to stand proud and salute them with respect.

Condemnation, - Soldiers marching unto war,

Condemnation, - Knowing they may die, for sure,

Condemnation, - Shades of grey, not black or white,

Condemnation, - Will the last man in turn out the light?

We bow our heads in sorrow,

remembering their names,

The pawns who played in politicians games,

There’s a poppy field in heaven and the seeds have blown,

Sold down a dirty river, into my town.

 - Condemnation audio in 64mbps mono mp3

Condemnation was started after the riots of August 2011, when I wondered what former soldiers would have thought, seeing the destruction in our cities? Was the civil unrest the beginning of politicians failure to recognise the frustration of those suffering from cut backs and Tory rule? A very powerful song is made even more so by the intro taken from a radio interview with a former soldier on his return to the place where he lost so many friends.

I can't see how we can ever drop Condemnation from our live set. It sits perfectly behind 'No Land' and is established as a firm favourite by those who have seen us in recent months.


Oi by numbers.

Words & Music  ©2013 Paul D Waghorn 

What's on your agenda, may not be on mine,

some see things in black and white, shit happens all the time,

tried by television, a triumph over fear,

a thin veil of transparency, no hidden secret here.

Conned by your conviction, smell my smoking gun,

this is Oi by numbers, - Number 1

Don't get mugged by fashion, sold as secondhand,

just carry on regardless in this green and pleasant land.

I'm standing at the bus stop, in a town that time forgot,

sometimes patriotic, but more than often not.

Please don't preach or ask me, to accept your points of view,

this is Oi by numbers, - Number 2

The media tries to kid ya, my mind's made up for me,

this is Oi by numbers, - Number 3

Homo Sapiens dominate, Nature needs to moderate,

Scream and shout or demonstrate, 14, 18, 28

European superstate, failing to communicate,

tick tock tick, obliterate, 14, 18, 28!

 - Oi by numbers audio in 64mbps mono mp3

Oops, this is bound to cause controversy, but that is what Insane Society is all about. The parallel between the E.U. and the rise of 1930's Germany is obvious, both dictatorships with ambition to rule. Thankfully, Joe Public, like our fore fathers stuck it up 'em in the recent referendum.  If any body wants to complain, please do so by writing to Mrs Merkle, Germany.

I love the dub effect that was created by chance and then exploited by fiddling, but it took an eternity to perfect. In fact, this was mixed and remixed more times than Ken Barlow has had women.

The title phrase was coined by Mitch of The Black Marias when describing how Euro Oi bands all follow the same formula. I for one have no time for most, 'cos they bore me shitless, especially as I don't speak da lingo. I never have been a cunilinquist.


Pissing in the Sink

Words & Music  ©2013 Paul D Waghorn 

Take a look around you, can't you see what's going on?

there's a new world order but they're singing the same old song,

the north hates the south and wants to wage a war,

my key is in the lock but we have an open door,

I could raise my voice in anger,

and you won't like what I think,

you might as well accept the fact that I'm,

pissing in the sink.

The world is in recession , but someone's getting rich,

so don't cry oppression if ya think that life's a bitch,

there's an army of believers who claim we're heaven sent,

preaching to the masses but I'd question one's intent.

Turn on your television, when the radio's on the blink,

you shouldn't need a licence when you're,

pissing in the sink.

There's value in the future but who knows what it's worth,

I'd give 'em every penny in exchange for peace on earth,

the cow is getting fatter with the proceeds of the poor,

remember that old clichè as you close your stable door.

So if everyone's a winner, I'll raise my glass and drink,

don't be fucking stupid, 'cos we're 

pissing in the sink.

 - Pissing in the sink audio in 64mbps mono mp3

I was in a prolific vein of creativity during March/April 2013 and 'Pissing in the Sink' was written very quickly. I recorded my performance as a rant to capture my anger. When we eventually got a studio session for the song, the inclusion of a 'ska' style guitar gave it a bit of bounce that was previously missing.


Margate Ugly (too fat to fuck)

Words & Music  ©2013 Paul D Waghorn 

There's a element of society, resident in your town,

a class of notoriety, who know what’s going down,

They stand accused of shirking, but claim they're far too ill,

well, what's the point of working? let others foot the bill.

They live in flats that time forgot, sweat like pigs when it gets too hot,

can't read or write, but shout a lot, lords or ladies? certainly not!

Bowled out for a duck? suffice to say you're, - 

Too fat to fuck!

Their odour ain’t too pleasant, carrying so much weight,

won’t dine on wine and pheasant, served on a silver plate,

You’ll see them outside Lidl, first thing on giro day,

exchanging ways to fiddle, who said crime don’t pay?

Track suit joggers, got no style, share their lives with Jeremy Kyle,

fast food menu, on speed dial, your benefit claim is top of the pile.

Don’t say you're out of luck, 'cos, I just think you're, -

Too fat to fuck!

Lowlife, - Methodone, - Asbo, - Ugly,

Bad breath, - Cider, - Roll-ups, - Ugly,

Incest, - Benefits, - Margate, - Ugly!

Your life is in a rut, Society says you’re, - 

Too fat to fuck!

 - Margate Ugly audio in 64mbps mono mp3

I've wanted to write a song about the underclass for a long time, and on completion knew I had got it just right. You can easily picture the type I'm on about, there is a group in every town centre most days of the week. Channel 5 love the underclass, and try their best to make programmes so we can all despise them. Perhaps I'm a snob after all?

My guitar was played in a 'Wilko' style and unlike most of the other songs, not double tracked resulting in a very sparse arrangement. I like the 'Ant' drums during the chant.


Bullshit Street

Words & Music  ©2013 Paul D Waghorn 

Gossip on your doorstep, naughty rumours rife,
I heard that number six has done his best friends wife,
a dazzling display, of cunning, craft and wit,
we the people, are the people, don't give us no shit.
Let's loot the supermarket, where every little helps,
profiteering bastards, we should help ourselves,
you do what you must do, when you can't afford to eat,
Twenty Four hours on, - 
Bullshit Street
The media wanted scandal, or is that just a myth?
we're fit enough to work, said Ian Duncan-Smith,
the wife is out there pimping, and I might be her whore,
and no one knows what's going on inside of our front door.
Our kids are on the dole, 'cos they're old enough to claim,
everyone's a victim, but who'll accept the blame?
and now that's in the open, there's no need to be discrete,
It's just another day on, -
Bullshit Street.
Staying up all night - Bull Shit, Talking utter shite, - Bull Shit,
Equality for all - Bull Shit, Bunking off of school - Bull Shit,
Support the E.E.C. - Bull Shit, Loans at interest free - Bull Shit,
Work for lower pay - Bull Shit, Summer's on it's way - Bull Shit.
Some say "how's ya father?" 'cos now he's had the chop,
the Bailiffs showed intentions of closing down his shop,
there were under counter ciggies at a fraction of the norm,
and the newly opened brothel was going down a storm,
old bill paid a visit and tried to shut the place,
but went home with a smirk of satisfaction on their face,
you won't see that on Farcebook, or even post a tweet,
so take a walk, where money talks, 
on Bullshit Street.

 - Bullshit Street audio in 64mbps mono mp3

Bullshit Street follows on from Margate Ugly seeing how people cope with living on benefits by making their money in a way not strictly legal. We all know someone who can get stuff 'cheap' if you ask no questions, what we do do without them?

I'd like to do this live but think we haven't got enough guitarists to do it justice, unless it's stripped down, who knows?


Joey Teen

Words by Garry Johnson - Music by Paul D Waghorn

They say that girls and boys like Joey Teen,

are never to be heard and, seldom seen,

sign on every other week, 

be thankful for the food you get to eat,

welcome to the world of Joey Teen.

Uncle Jack and dear old Auntie Jean,

The parents of one precious Joey Teen,

raised their kid just as was planned, 

but now have learned to understand,

what it’s like to be a Joey Teen.

Joey Teen, Joey Teen,

What sort of life is this for Joey Teen?

put your best foot forward 

and stand up for the queen,

cos we know what is right for Joey Teen.

The best that he can do is, sit and wait,

or beg for work outside the factory gate,

‘cos now your country is at war, 

no job for life like our fathers had before,

the future’s looking grim for Joey Teen.

 - Joey Teen audio in 64mbps mono mp3

Joey Teen was never considered for this project until our rethink of track listing in the aftermath of Joe Public's decision to tell the E.U. to do one. This version was recorded last year, not long after the original which appeared on 'Kosher' Although a completely different arrangement, it still captures the sentiment of little hope of a future for Britain's unemployed youth. The Paxman and Cameron intro sums up what's going on at the Job Centre in 2016.

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