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This collection of songs were recorded in the summer of 2007. Again using the same techniques employed on 'Upside Down' We did a lot of gigs in the first 18 months of 'Insane Society', but to me, as a producer, I honestly felt that neither Steve or Stefan could step up to studio work, so ultimately, my demo's (plus Sheldon) were the versions used in August 2008.

The 'surprise'  release caused an upset in the band, with Stefan refusing to play if we sold the CD at gigs. Whilst we sold almost 1,000 copies of 'Upside Down', BOGOF struggled due to the discontent. I continued to write new material knowing it would probably never see a physical release. I just could not justify spending upwards of £1200 in a professional studio to get a poorly played album. 

Insane Society

Words & Music by Paul D Waghorn

This is the age of equality,

ain't got no time for democracy,

abusing your vocabulary,

welcome to the insane society.

I dont subscribe to extremist views, 

and nigger is a word that I seldom use, 

I reserve the right to pick and choose 

If you say red then I say blue. 

Left wing teachers right wing crimes, 

school kids cant sing nursery rymes, 

another sad sign of the times, 

can you read between the lines?

PC, PC, - This is the age of equality, 

PC, PC, - aint got no time for democracy, 

PC, PC, - abusing your vocabulary, 

PC, PC, - our insane society.

You darn't say black and you can't say white, 

our past is dark but the futures bright, 

take one step left then two steps right, 

don't listen to me 'cos I'm talking shite. 

Raise your flag don't break or bend, 

run the risk it may offend, 

pay by cheque, don't overspend, 

and never sleep with your best friend.


You can't do this, and you can't do that, 

well watch this space, don't mix and match, 

take your time no tit for tat, 

'cos your not fit to call me fat. 

Things have changed since I was a lad, 

sometimes good, quite often bad, 

bite your tongue I'm not your dad 

has everyone gone PC mad ?

Fed up of being told what ya can't say or do? So are we. I think these lyrics sum up just what an insane society we live in. Strangely, after performing this song for eighteen months, we have just dropped it from the set.


Race Riot

Words & Music by Paul D Waghorn

There was a riot at the races, they said it was a fix,

when a field of fancied horses, took the bookmakers for six,

'cos fifteen million Euro, was gambled on the nose,

but someone got a tip off, and the jockey was exposed.

Riot, riot, race riot, riot, riot.

A small group made the running, the punters didn't mind,

The 6 to 5 on favourite, was nicely placed behind, 

he held back on the stand-side, two furlongs out from home,

which left a rank outsider, to go on all alone.

Riot, riot, race riot, riot, riot.

You saw the headlines but you didn't read the news,

Every one a winner although thousands have to lose,

There was a riot at the races, fuelled by wine and booze,

You saw the headlines but you did not read the news.

Guitar Solo

There was a riot at the races, started by one man, 

a jury found him guilty of an international scam,

the jockey was suspended, on twenty thousand bail, 

some say it were the stewards, who should have gone to jail.

Riot, riot, race riot, riot, riot.

At one of our early shows, we were totally misunderstood by the bemused audience which prompted me writing the words to this song. It became one of our most popular tunes and was usually the 2nd song in the set after Bin Laden.


National Service

Words by Garry Johnson

Music by Paul D Waghorn

I knocked up a toon which I had no idea where the lyrics would go. Playing around, Sheldon shouted "National Service" and I responded " Hup, two, three, four" By sheer coincidence, Garry Johnsons poem which was featured on the "Strength through oi" album fitted perfectly so after a bit of juggling we came u with this effort.
Of course, National Service was something our generation only learned about from our parents, so it's of little or no importance in today's society. 
Perhaps the government should re-introduce it?

My Town

Words & Music by Paul D Waghorn

I was born and bred, to a different time, 

slightly underfed, I had to toe the line, 

but I grew up quick, and I grew up wise, 

I saw a passing world through a child's eyes.

We had an open door, never locked at night, 

neither rich or poor, I learned my wrong from right. 

Then the milk turned sour, and the bread went bad, 

like a wilting flower, this town went mad?

This is my town, - but things have changed round here, 

you dare not walk the streets, folk live in fear. 

This is my town, - and now we're moving on, 

another generation upped and gone.

I was in no doubt, of this mess we're in 

there was no way out, my conscience cried within, 

When the blood was spilled, someone called my name, 

a destiny fulfilled, I had to take the blame.


'cos you can't see what they're seeing, 

and you don't know what they know, 

and you can't feel what they're feeling, 

when they're low.


Get out, get out, get out, get out of my town, 

Get out, get out, get out, stay out of my town.

I was initially troubled by how these lyrics would be received, as it was a change of direction from the first album and to be honest, it was a while before we nailed it. Every generation witnesses changes in their hometown, but none so more than in the past twenty years.

One of the best songs I've been fortunate enough to written.



Words & Music by Paul D Waghorn

There's a big hole in my wallet where my money used to be, 

i've paid my dues to no one, no tax no V.A.T. 

the rich are getting richer in a stale economy, 

each pound becomes a prisoner there's nothing left for me, 

I don't know who to turn to, 

I guess it has to be the dreaded money man. 

He drives a brand new beemer and dresses oh so flash, 

he's raised my rate of interest and I need some extra cash, 

ain't got no pot to piss on, the futures looking bleak, 

he comes round every friday, - I pay up once a week, 

I'd like to do runner, 

but I dare not double cross the dreaded money man. 

Money man, you're not so funny, man ! 

money man, you're not so cool, 

money man, you're not so funny, man ! 

your such a fool.

Got a rebate from the taxman, had a little bit of luck, 

a small win on the horses, won a monkey on a duck, 

I went to see the big man and drove down to his home, 

I had but one intention, to pay off all my loan. 

I found him lying naked with a suit case full of loot, 

now I'm the money man.

Two of my pet hates are Traffic Wardens (they may wear bright uniforms, but they are all Nazis) and Loan sharks who prey on the weak, poor or elderly.

This was the first song I wrote after completing the first C.D. with the exception of Tony Bliar. It's just a simple tune but Sheldon gave it a certain amount of venom!


Meaty Pete

Words & Music by Paul D Waghorn

He lived with his mother nearly all his life, 

a boy of forty three, 

felt no desire to take a wife, 

there's plenty of fish in the sea, 

whilst looking for a playmate, 

on the internet chat room scene, 

he found someone to talk to, 

a girl just turned thirteen.

Is Pete, a paedophile?
is Pete, a paedophile?

His mum said, "son be careful", 

but Pete could see no wrong, 

in making lots of new friends, 

so thought he'd tag along, 

he didn't hear them laughing, 

or read the danger signs, 

'cos Pete had no intention, 

of committing any crime.

Is Pete, a paedophile?
is Pete, a paedophile?

It was early in the morning, 

when the police took Pete away, 

fuelled by allegations, 

he had no more to say, 

In the safety of a hostel, 

Pete drew his final breath, 

an eternity of boyhood, 

is better than one of death.

Is Pete, a paedophile?
is Pete, a paedophile?

Sheldon suggested writing a song about a peadophile but I was far more interested in the subject of someone accused of being one. This was based on someone I knew who took a liking to young boys, and yes, his name was Pete.

Throw enough shit and some of it will stick.


Conspiracy Theory

Words & Music by Paul D Waghorn

Our story started long ago, 

concocted by the press, I know, 

ripping Jacks identity, 

was he of aristocracy?

In Dallas one November day, 

You saw who took out JFK, 

standing on that grassy knoll, 

the mystery remains unsolved.

I wont buy no conspiracy theory, 

would you believe? well, no not really, 

I need much more to fully convince me.

The U.S. like call the tune, 

they put a man upon the moon, 

I think you all misunderstood, 

a movie set in Hollywood.

Now here's the mother of all tales, 

Lady Di, Princess of Wales, 

you remember how she died, 

the rumours cannot be denied.

I wont buy no conspiracy theory, 

would you believe? well, no not really, 

I need much more to fully convince me. 

I wont buy no conspiracy theory, 

my vision is blurred, and I can't see clearly, 

you may be right but it just won't wear with me.

Another of Sheldons ideas was to write short stories relating to debatable historical events. This is the result, I've said it all in sixteen lines. Who knows, in the future they will be saying the Americans were responsible for September 11th 2001 ?


Weapons of War

Words & Music by Paul D Waghorn

I got an AK 47, 

It's loaded, can't ya tell? 

my fingers on the trigger, 

gonna blow your brains to hell, 

I'm a ruthless paid assassin, 

some bastard mothers son, 

I kill for king or country, 

don't care whose side I'm on.

Weapons of war.

A Russian missile launcher, 

will satisfy your need, 

to take out half a village, 

destruction guaranteed, 

if you don't ask no questions, 

my lips shall tell no lie, 

a death wish on your conscience, 

is mine to do or die?

Weapons of war.

There is no escape from the reality of war. Every day, somehere on this awful planet, many people are dying as a result of funding by civilised nations to terrorist organisations.


Hi, my name is Tony Bear, I've worn this disquise since 2007 because no one loves me anymore. 
Remember, a bear is for life, not just Eid. 
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