Lyrics - Inequality St (page 1)

2 Minutes

Words & Music by Paul D Waghorn

2 minutes to say your lot,

2 minutes that’s all you’ve got,

2 minutes to change my mind, 

2 minutes don’t waste your time, 

2 minutes to serve an ace, 

2 minutes then rest my case, 

2 minutes, have I said too much? 

2 minutes, 2 minutes.


A ton and twenty seconds, don’t you understand? 

I need information, as to what you’ve planned.


2 minutes to pay your dues, 

2 minutes can’t pick or choose,

2 minutes to guess my game, 

2 minutes then pass the blame, 

2 minutes to stop the flow, 

2 minutes ‘cos I won’t let go, 

2 minutes, it’s only time, 

2 minutes, 2 minutes.


Countdown to zero, I’m waiting for your call, 

less than one remaining, before you start to fall.


2 minutes to make your mark, 

2 minutes before the dark, 

2 minutes is this the end? 

2 minutes, 2 minutes.

So what's it all about? Sometimes I don't know myself, but it started over a game of chess where I was trying to suss out the opposition. I later used some of the original lyrics in "Enemy of the World"


No one needs to know

Words & Music by Paul D Waghorn

I never steal, and I won’t rob, 

but signing on is just a job, 

the cost of living made me sick, 

so I get my beer and fags on tick. 

I’ve got to find a get rich scam, 

take a tip from uncle sam, 

a nice little earner on the side, 

cash in hand, a case of pride.

The woman upstairs has loads of men, 

No one needs to know, 

Next but ones on crack again, 

No one needs to know, 

I ain’t worked since I don’t know when, 

No one needs to know, 

The socials on my case again but no one needs to know.

A man is measured by his wealth, 

but what’s it worth without your health? 

no one knows and no one cares, 

'cos I ain’t got no stocks or shares, 

If unemployments on the rise, 

we’re a long, long way from paradise, 

and more bad news is on it’s way, 

fuck tomorrow, live today.


Sheldon casually mentioned a long time ago he wanted to do a song about some oddballs who live in his block on the Newhaven ghetto. It took me a while before finishing this but I quite like the lyrics. The intro is a piss take of "Ballroom Blitz" but works a treat!


Afraid of the Dark

Words & Music by Paul D Waghorn

I lie awake in bed at night, 

can’t get to sleep until I hear the sound of daylight, 

I pinch myself to ascertain I’m still alive, 

no time for mourning, no final warning.


Someone is shouting in my head, 

I heard a whisper, of a rumour that was once spread, 

I’m so confused, I don’t know what I should believe, 

I need restraining, no one’s complaining, 

I’m not afraid of the dark.


And as the twilight starts to fade, 

I trust you’ll never make the same mistakes that I’ve made, 

this medication seems to aggravate my brain, 

the sound of thunder, it makes me wonder? 

I’m not afraid of the dark.


A screech of an owl, the still of the night, 

a demon awakes, the mosquito bites, 

my shadow reacts as I stare at the wall, 

I’m locked in my room, no escape from it all.


I drift away try to forget, 

I fear I’m drowning but refuse to get my feet wet, 

am I conscious? maybe this is all a dream? 

alarm clock bleeping, disturbs my sleeping, 

I’m not afraid of the dark.

This was the first song I completed for the current project way back in April 2008 At first I struggled with the lyrics to this, "2 Minutes" and "I don't wanna be" but fortunately the songs were just strong enough to merit inclusion.


The Prisoner

Words & Music by Paul D Waghorn

For every prisoner there has to be a key,
I’ll take the easy route and shun reality,
the grass is greener here but no place left to hide,
I can’t run forever though, and god knows how I’ve tried,
I bowled my maiden over,
now I’ve been hit for six,
I am the prisoner.

I’d like to rid the world of war and poverty,
but justice says I have to die before I’m free,
my only crime was wanting something more than this,
I closed my eyes and claimed that ignorance is bliss,
you have your piece de resistance,
I wish that I had mine,
I am the prisoner.

Minutes turn from days to years,
winters long forgotten fears,
can’t pay a ransom when there ain’t been no demand,
so dry your tears.

The sun is shining now but every day it rains,
locked in another life where nothing seems the same,
I’m only sleeping ‘til I wake up from this dream,
one step from paradise the grass is always green.
no man can move a mountain,
my soul is not for sale,
I am the prisoner

In my humble opinion, there are just three songs on this project I consider to amongst my finest. This is one, but I'm not sure how well it will be received when performed live. The prison I'm referring to, is life itself. There is only one way out, - death. This is part of a recurring theme throughout this batch of songs that questions our very existence.


Stand Up

Words & Music by Paul D Waghorn

They offered us a future, a promise to us all,

we rallied with the masses, to see the mighty fall, 

I’m proud to say I answered, perhaps it was in vain,

then came a shift in power, our hopes washed down the drain..

A swing to the left, 

A swing to the right, 

but you won't see no change tonight, 

A swing to the left, 

A swing to the right, 

Stand up, stand up, 

It's time to fight

politician's nightmare, scandal lies and sin,

the media had the headline, dealt with ample spin,

questions raised in anger, answers all the same,

beaten to submission, until we rise again.


We read your manifesto, pages by the score,

Though some had caused to doubt you, been down that road before,

we carried on believing, faithful 'til the end,

destined for the scrapheap, refused to break or bend.


Many were taken in by "New labour" in 1997, but it didn't take long before they showed their true colours. Now we have a hung parliament, extreme left, far right or middle ground, today's politics are all pretty much the same. Perhaps they all should be hung?



Words & Music by Paul D Waghorn

I work for eighteen hours in your local corner shop,

from dawn until the evening when my body has to stop,

we share the same desire, to see the troubles end, 

you’ll have no need to worry when Mohammed is your friend. 

Oh, Oh-Oh-Oh, I don’t think so!


Please don’t call me Ali, ‘cos Mohammed is my name, 

I’ve never hurt nobody yet I always take the blame, 

despite my peaceful protests, your predjudice is clear, 

‘cos no one wants a muslim for a neighbour over here.

Oh, Oh-Oh-Oh, I don’t think so!


I could change my name to Jesus, 

It would cause a lot less fuss, 

I’d wouldn’t need an I.D. card to travel on a bus.


So if I pleaded guilty to these crimes I am accused, 

you’d get your satisfaction though it’s me who’s been abused, 

but what of all those victims that we saw bombed or burned, 

stand up and be counted and take heed of lessons learned.

Oh, Oh-Oh-Oh, I don’t think so!

Mr Hannaford is convinced someone will kill him for singing this. Read carefully, it's obviously written in the 1st person and therefore acceptable? Truth is, anyone could be the terrorist living next door.


Enemy of the world

Words & Music by Paul D Waghorn

We’re living in a game of chess, 

an international dirty mess, 

higher ranking politicians, 

bend the rules to suit ambition. 

King and Castle under attack, 

if you call check, we will react, 

world war three may have to wait, 

you ain’t no friend that I’d call mate.

Enemy of the world, 

guilty without trial or jury, 

Enemy of the world, 

sentenced by the peoples fury, 

Enemy of the world, 

live today but die tomorrow, 

Enemy of the world, 

where you go we’re sure to follow.

Two sides meet to wage a war, 

all the squares make sixty four, 

no one trusts the x offender, 

we won’t succumb to their agenda. 

Offer us your resignation, 

tempting fate by provocation, 

this play on words is most obscene, 

forfeit the pawn, protect our Queen.


Following on from the previous song, it's obvious who the real enemy of the world is. What a shame that Britain has become the 52nd state.


I don't wanna be...

Words & Music by Paul D Waghorn

I don’t wanna walk the street at night,

I don’t wanna cause a fuss or fight,

I don’t wanna be a substitute, 

I don’t wanna wear no three piece suit. 

I don’t wanna drive a flashy car, 

I don’t wanna be a superstar, 

I don’t wanna shout or demonstrate, 

I don’t wanna communicate.


I don’t wanna know no right or wrong, 

I don’t wanna sing the same old song, 

I don’t wanna play away from home, 

I don’t wanna give the dog a bone. 

I don’t wanna run when I can walk, 

I don’t wanna hear your nonsense talk, 

I don’t wanna watch the news at ten, 

I don’t wanna play guitar again.


I don’t wanna surf the net for porn, 

I don’t wanna see the crack of dawn, 

I don’t wanna join the welfare state, 

I don’t wanna be in bed by eight. 

I don’t wanna have a bath each day, 

I don’t wanna go to church and pray, 

I don’t wanna ask the reason why, 

I don’t wanna live, don’t wanna die.

One of my "list" songs was very easy to write but not so quick to record. I think this is very "77" and will probably become a live favourite.


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